Sponsored Athlete Cam F. Awesome Is Living His Life Like It's Golden...Because It Is!

Posted by: Ursula Zamora on Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This past weekend Garden of Life Sponsored Athlete and Boxer Cam F. Awesome was in Salt Lake City defending his National Golden Glove Tournament of Champions title and going for the hat-trick and third title in a row.


On Friday May 17th, Cam met Cleveland based boxer Marlon Steen in the ring.  Though a tough bout, Cam came out on top to move on to the semi-final bout the following day.


On Saturday May 18th Cam met St. Louis based boxer Stephan Shaw in the semi-final bout.  Cam eluded the gloves of his opponent to win the chance to defend and win the Golden Glove title-which would be his 3rd in a row!


On Sunday May 19th Cam met Michigan based boxer Jermaine Franklin in the National Golden Glove Finals.  In a bout that Cam described as “speed vs. power” Cam boxed his way to his 3rd National Golden Glove Tournament of Champions Title!  It was time for Cam to fly around the ring!


Cam was in Utah with his team from his Kansas City training facility and the team also won 2nd overall!

Congratulations to both Cam and the whole Kansas City team on a stellar performance in the ring! 



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