Strength and Conditioning with Sponsored Athlete James Chaney

Posted by: Garden of Life on Friday, May 31, 2013

Very recently my best friend and main coach Fallen Angel (aka Dominique Robinson) constructed a very particular strength and conditioning program for me. Like many of my peers in MMA, I'm caught in a god awful "in between" weight. I'm too big to healthily make 155 and I'm noticeably smaller than most at 170 who often walk around upward of 190 pounds. This makes for an obvious size and strength discrepancy.

Dominique and I discussed this and agreed that a cut to 155 with my frame simply was not reasonable. This made for a simple answer and certainly the more enjoyable option, I needed to put on some muscle! The prospect of staying competitive without starving and building an aesthetically pleasing body instead of becoming skeletal has an obvious appeal.


Since beginning this new diet, aided by the fine products provided to me by my friends at Garden of Life I've shown an immediate increase in strength and performance in training and an equally dramatic aesthetic difference. This is, however, the very early stages of this development in my career and I look forward to making a great deal more progress. For my whole career up to recently I had something of an aversion to strength and conditioning. I considered myself a technician rather than an athlete and held a certain amount of subconscious, irrational resentment to my more athletic peers. I’m gifted with a certain amount of natural cardio, so I've thankfully been spared a hard lesson about that. The same cannot be said of strength. I realize now it's foolish to neglect areas of obvious weakness, strength and conditioning is a crucial area that I’ve needed to improve for some time.

Much to my surprise I find now that I actually enjoy strength, conditioning, and even diet to a certain point. Strength and conditioning provides a certain satisfaction that's entirely different from what I experience even in particularly grueling MMA training. Feeling healthy feels good, it's been a life style change and a very good one. I feel like I've been given new life and I look forward to things to come!




Ginny Meaks commented on Monday, June 03, 2013
The things these athletes have to do and sacrifice just to compete is always fascinating to me!

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