Steven Holshouser Prepares for the Ironman World Championship

Posted by: Garden of Life on Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Finally, The summer is here. With everyone trying to cut weight and be a little more fit for the summer, people need to be cautious about training in the heat.  Recently, after training for months in the heat near Charleston, SC, I Qualified for the IRONMAN world championships at Kona, HI this October. I have began my full throttle training again, just as the heat has started to set in. This summer will be the same as all my past summers have been with heat training. I will discuss a few topics that should be kept in everyones mind whether you are a seasoned triathlete or just trying to shed a few extra pounds for summer in the heat.


The first main point that should be addressed is maintaining a good water/ electrolyte ratio. Electrolytes are important in our bodies to keep our muscles and neurons functioning to their full potential. During these hot days out training, Gatorade, Hammer nutritions products and any other Electrolyte enhanced drink should be consumed BEFORE as well as during exercise. Be sure to keep some handy and recover with them as your body continues to excrete fluids a few hours after vigorous exercise.


Electrolytes are just as important as staying cool. Ice is your friend! In these hot days, you body can get to a point where it can no longer cool itself off by sweating. This is when heat exhaustion or stroke can set in. To combat this, have handy ice cold rags and ice to keep on you at all times. Put on your back and neck to cook your spine and neck off. This is the fastest way to cool of your body. Be sure to try and run in the shade an off of asphalt as this can be 20-30 degrees hotter during the middle of the day.


The last and MOST important point to make is NUTRITION. Nutrition is always the key to surviving the brutal hot days of the summer. When your body is trying to cool itself and breaking down food for energy, nutrition will make the world of difference. When you have tons of grease / high fat diet, you body will expend extra energy breaking this down instead of conserving it by trying to help cool your body down. Nutrition products from Garden of Life such as RAW protein and RAW meal have been crucial to my training and staying afloat in races this summer. Good nutrition can be the key to success during a long hot day.


These are the three main points that I have found to help me throughout the years. Everyone is different and can tolerate different amounts of heat and training. The best thing anyone can do is LISTEN to your body. Whether you are training for the World Championships or just running your two kids in the stroller on the beach, everyone can train to their full potential smart and correctly using these simple steps as well as supplementing their diet with Garden of Life’s awesome products!




dad commented on Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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