Noa Hopper Wins Gold at USACK Nationals

Posted by: Garden of Life on Wednesday, August 21, 2013


With temperatures nearing 100 degrees and thunderstorms threatening, junior paddlers hoping for a future in the Olympics someday arrived in Oklahoma City for USACK (USA Canoe & Kayak) Nationals this August. Our own Garden of Life team sponsored athlete, Noa Hopper, was there among the elite competition. Pushing the Midwest weather warnings out of his mind and focusing on the races he trained long and hard for all year, Noa earned several victories with sweat and determination!

During the intense weekend of competition, Noa collected three Gold medals, a Silver and a Bronze, while taking top honors in the 14-and-under Bantam Division. Paddling the ultra-narrow Epic kayak, he won a medal in every race he paddled. His favorite Gold medal was won in the race he feels is his specialty - the longer 4500meter distance – which was up the OklahomaRiver.  The race involved paddling under five bridges, navigating curves, currents and threading through random debris from the flash floods the previous night.


“It kept things interesting, making me think about strategy as well as paddlingstrong,” said Noa afterwards.


Noa added that the cross-training he does while swimming on the waterpolo team at his high school and SUP (Stand Up Paddle) racing as a team rider for Yolo Boards are definitely keys to his success in a kayak.  Another component is making healthy food choices every single day. Ever since learning about Garden of Life products, Noa has refusing to eat fast food and fried items. Instead, he mixes up his own organic fruit smoothies, adding Garden of Life Raw Protein powders to fuel his growing body. In addition, his favorite Living Foods Chocolate and Mac nut FucoProtein bars are always in his back pack for between workout snacks. Even though he’s just starting his nutrition makeover, this smart teen has already figured out that great preparation equals great results. Congratulations, Noa!




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