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Garden of Life®, the #1 selling whole foods supplements brand in the Natural Products Industry according to SPINS, has received the Non-GMO Project Verification seal for its Vitamin Code® supplements. The verification was awarded by the Non-GMO Project, the only independent certification program for GMO avoidance in North America.

According to Garden of Life (www.gardenoflife.com) President Brian Ray, the recent verification is part of the company's ongoing commitment to be the leader in the burgeoning Non-GMO movement.

"Garden of Life was one of the first companies in the industry to recognize the importance of producing supplements free of genetically modified organisms," said Ray. "The validation that the Non-GMO Project offers is important to consumers and retailers, so we will continue the verification process for all of our future product launches and product lines."

The recent verifications include:

Garden of Live Extra Virgin Coconut Oil ®

fucoTHIN® Green

RAW Organics™ Organic Chia Seed

RAW Organics™ Organic Golden Flax Seed

RAW Organics™ Organic Golden Flax Seed & Organic Chia Seed

RAW Organics™ Organic Golden Flax Seed with Family Harvest Organic Fruit

Perfect Food® Raw Organic Vanilla Spiced Chai

Perfect Food® RAW 100% Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder

Perfect Food® RAW Alkalizer & Detoxifier

Perfect Food® RAW Real RAW Apple

Perfect Food® RAW Real RAW Chocolate Cacao

Perfect Food® RAW Organic Super Food

Perfect Food® RAW Energizer

Vitamin Code® 50 & Wiser Men

Vitamin Code® 50 & Wiser Women

Vitamin Code® RAW Antioxidants™

Vitamin Code® RAW Calcium™

RAW CoQ10™

Vitamin Code® Family

RAW Fit™ High Protein For Weight Loss

Vitamin Code® Healthy Blood™

Vitamin Code® RAW Iron™

Vitamin Code® RAW Kombucha

RAW Meal

RAW Meal Real RAW Chocolate

RAW Meal Energy

RAW Meal Marley Coffee®

RAW Meal Real RAW Vanilla

RAW Meal Vanilla Spiced Chai

Vitamin Code® Men

Vitamin Code® RAW ONE™ for Men

Vitamin Code® RAW ONE™ for Women

RAW Fiber™

Vitamin Code® Perfect Weight™

Vitamin Code® RAW Prenatal™

RAW Protein

RAW Protein Real RAW Chocolate

RAW Protein Energy

RAW Protein Marley Coffee®

RAW Protein Real RAW Vanilla

RAW Protein Vanilla Spiced Chai

RAW Resveratrol™

Vitamin Code® RAW Vitamin C™

Vitamin Code® RAW Vitamin E™

Vitamin Code® RAW ONE™ for Women

Vitamin Code® Raw Zinc

Garden of Life has been a leading advocate of the Non-GMO and the USDA Certified Organic movements for several years. The company supports sustainable family farms, environmentally responsible farming practices, and provides capital to build organic farms and adopt best practices.

"We're pleased that more consumers are aware and concerned about the effects of GMOs,” added Ray. “We appreciate the assurances that the Non-GMO Project's verification process provides and look forward to working with them in the years ahead.”


Ben commented on Friday, May 23, 2014
Get that logo on your prenatal vitamins i had to look it up! much love tho. thank you thank you thank you for not using gmos. you guys should feel really good about yourselves :)
Garden of Life commented on Friday, May 30, 2014
Hi Ben-Thank you. Please understand that there will still be some products on store shelves that did not have the official Non-GMO certification on there (yet, still Non GMO) as the newer products with the labeling make their way to stores.
Susan LaRiviere commented on Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Thank you Garden of Life for being non GMO! I love your Raw Protein and will be buying more of your products. I appreciate you!! :) Susan

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