How to Start a Raw Food Diet

Posted by: Garden of Life on Monday, October 07, 2013


A raw food diet consists of mostly plant foods that are uncooked and unprocessed. This includes foods that haven’t been heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooking often destroys the natural enzymes that help aid in digestion, reducing the nutritional value of the foods we eat. A diet consisting of nutrient rich raw foods offers many health benefits including optimal physical performance, weight loss, better digestion, increased energy, and anti-aging properties. Starting a raw food diet isn’t as hard as you might think!

Necessary Kitchen Appliances
A blender and juicer are essential kitchen gadgets for your raw diet. Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables offers many health benefits because the juice contains most of the vitamins, minerals, and plant chemicals. Sharp knives and a cutting board are also a must have for anyone on a raw food diet.

Oodles of Options
Raw foods consist of fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, sprouts, beans, roots, seaweed, spices, and lettuce. Use seasonings such as garlic, peppercorns and peppers, fresh and dried herbs, and natural sweeteners like Agave or Maple, to create many fabulous dishes that lead your friends and family to a healthier track.

Experiment With Recipes
While there are several websites and cookbooks that offer raw food recipes, it’s just as easy to experiment and create your own. There are no rules for raw food dishes! Mix up your favorite dried fruits and nuts for healthy snacks. Toss your favorite vegetables with fresh pepper, apple-cider vinegar, and high-quality olive oil. Make a salad using a selection of different types of lettuce and sprouts. Blend up your favorite fruits and seeds for a nutritious and energizing meal-in-a-glass. The possibilities are endless!

Make It Affordable
A raw food diet doesn’t have to be expensive. Many people find that they save money by avoiding the consumption of processed meals and fast food. While it’s sometimes more beneficial to buy organic due to chemicals and pesticides used in non-organic products, you won’t lose any health benefits by not doing so. Check around for local green farmers to make buying organic more affordable. Most cities also offer green markets and co-ops, allowing you to save significant amounts of money to buy locally grown products. Always buy in bulk when possible.

Time-Saving Tips
Many local co-ops offer fresh fruit and vegetable delivered right to your front door, reducing the time you’ll spend in the grocery store. If you have the resources, grow your own whenever possible. Most raw food dishes can be made in bulk and stay fresh for several days. Use zip-lock bags to store freshly cut fruits, sliced vegetables, and home-made trail mixes, making it easy to always have a healthy and quick snack or meal at your fingertips!

A diet consisting of unprocessed and uncooked foods can be easy, delicious, healthy, and affordable. People have different reasons for starting a raw food diet. Whatever your reason might be − just do it. The time is now!


Kathy Flute is a resident nurse who works in an assisted living facility. She enjoys writing about mental health, physical fitness, offering diet advice, and the Top 25 Smart Choice Schools for Online Healthcare Administration Degrees.



Steven Brynoff commented on Thursday, October 10, 2013
Are all raw food diets meat free?
Thank you.

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