5 Advantages of Eating Raw Foods

Posted by: Garden of Life on Monday, October 14, 2013

One raw apple has the nutritional power to help improve anyone’s overall health. So do raw banana, orange, carrot, and spinach leaves. Is eating a diet that solely consists of raw foods better and healthier for you than a diet of cooked foods? Consider these five advantages of eating raw foods and decide for yourself.


Nutrients and Enzymes
Heating foods to over 120 degrees Fahrenheit destroys most of the food’s nutrients and enzymes, leaving you with a plate of cooked, yet nutritionally void, food. Raw foods retain all their natural health-benefiting vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, which are then passed into the body for a health boost after you eat them.
Digestive and Heart Health
Most raw foods are high in fiber and low in fat (many are fat-free). Fiber keeps things moving along nicely through your digestive system and helps prevent or ease several maladies like constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and other digestive issues often associated with a low fiber, high fat diet. Reducing animal fat in your diet will improve your heart’s health. Artery clogging fat found in animal fat and all foods cooked in butter or oil has the potential to lead to a variety of health conditions like heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes. The fiber found in raw foods latches onto the cholesterol manufactured by the body and help it pass out of the body quickly before it has a chance to leach to the inside of artery walls and become a life-threatening build-up of plaque.
Weight Management
A raw food diet is a license to eat all you want. The low calorie, low fat, high fiber, nutritionally packed foods that make the raw food list are fine to eat as much as fills you with little worry about weight gain. Most people report that eating a raw food diet never leaves them with that bloated, too-full feeling. Even after consuming a large quantity of raw food, the needle on the scale stays put or barely edges its way downward.
Fountain of Youth
Consuming a diet that consists of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds that are eaten straight from the plant and never heated is purported to be a sort of fountain of youth. The increased amount of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, and other health-benefiting goodies from the plant world seem to have an impact on the hands of time within the body. After a few weeks on a raw food diet, people report increased energy, improved concentration, younger looking skin, and better sleep.
No fuel is used to prepare raw foods for consumption and the products have little to no packaging. A diet consisting of raw foods leaves less of a carbon footprint on the planet and is a way to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Clean up time is also lessened as there are no baked-on, greasy messes that require a lot of soap, water, and man-power to clean up.
If you’ve ever been looking to change things up and start a diet that puts you first. You’ll be feeling better in no time and wondering why you hadn’t started sooner.


About our contributor:
Kathy Flute is a resident nurse who works in an assisted living facility. She enjoys writing about mental health, physical fitness, offering diet advice, and the Best Online Nursing Programs of 2014.


Andy Garcia commented on Thursday, October 17, 2013
I know first hand how great RAW food can be for the body. 2 years ago I was having all these health issues that ended up being type 2 diabetes at only 25 years old. I ate what ever I wanted without worry all my young life and now I had to pay the price. I went on meds for a 1 1/2 and I did not like how I felt. I decided to go RAW after doing a lot of reading and trying all the other diets. I was able to get off meds and cut my A1C from 14 to 6. GARDEN OF LIFE played a large roll in my success.

Heather McClees @TheSoulfulSpoon commented on Monday, October 21, 2013
Garden of Life was the first company I was introduced to when I began a high raw lifestyle years ago. To this day, I'm a firm believer raw plant foods, especially certain products from Garden of Life like Raw Meal and Perfect Food Raw were the key missing link to my previously unhealthy raw food diet. I"m so blessed to have been introduced to these products, and a raw food diet. Since, I've overcome a lifelong battle with an unhealthy body, unhealthy body image and being obsessed with diet foods. Now, I treat my body right, and thanks to GOL, I'm able to do that in a convenient, delicious way:)
Heather McClees
eNaturals commented on Thursday, December 26, 2013
I think that's the beauty and miracle of nature. I myself always go with natural cures ever since. I feel more comfortable with it.
Matthews @ Natural Dog Diet commented on Tuesday, May 06, 2014
So these advantages only for humans or also applicable for pets? BTW you have given great information. Thanks for sharing such a nice information with us.


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