Pam Tebow Says Fame is Not Necessary to Influence Others

Posted by: Rhonda Price on Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It’s no secret that motherhood is the ultimate juggling act. A lot of women will also tell you that just one child is enough to keep you at your wits’ end, but through all the crayon marks on the walls, sticky fingers, and turbulent teen years, the rewards last for a lifetime. Having a positive influence on your children is every mother’s greatest accomplishment, so that’s why we were so eager to hear Pam Tebow speak at a Palm Beach Women’s Networking event held near our Garden of Life headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens recently.

Pam Tebow is nothing short of extraordinary at parenting. She raised five children and homeschooled them, and she did it all while maintaining a 44-acre farm and taking an active role as a missionary overseas. All of her children attended college and her youngest son, Tim, is one of the most famous athletes in the news today.

More than 300 Gator fans, football fans, elegant ladies who lunch and women with eligible bachelorette daughters turned out to hear Pam Tebow speak about the importance of influencing others. The soft spoken and mild mannered Mrs. Tebow said that everyone has the power to influence others and you do not have to be famous to have an impact. She said that asking her children to memorize bible verses when they were young was one way that she was able to help them make good decisions throughout their teens and young adulthood.

One of the most interesting stories was about how Pam taught Tim that he needed to be more responsible as he became well known as a football player because “young eyes and ears were always watching and listening” to him. She recounted an incident when Tim was growing up and was always focused on nutrition and eating a healthy diet so that he could be a great football player. However, occasionally Tim’s weakness was a sweet tooth, so one day in the local grocery store he picked up a box of “junk food cereal” laden with sugar and artificial ingredients and threw it into his cart. At the same time, a young fan in the store recognized him and immediately noticed the cereral. Pam Tebow heard later that the young boy went to school that week and proudly held up the cereal box at show and tell, proclaiming “this is the cereal that Tim Tebow eats!” She said it was an important lesson that taught Tim to be very intentional about his actions because of his influence on others.

Because Tim is still focusing on nutrition as arguably the most recognizable player in the NFL, we presented Pam with a Garden of Life gift basket full of goodies, including Vitamin Code multivitamins, Wobenzym N, Raw Protein, Raw Meal, Raw Probiotics, and many more of our whole food supplements. We also included several back issues of our Extraordinary Health magazine that featured Tim on the cover last fall, before he earned a starting position with the Denver Broncos and brought the franchise back to life.

At the luncheon with Pam, we realized that millions of people have heard about Tim Tebow and his amazing list of victories on the football field, but not everyone knows about his complicated birth or his amazing mother who pulled through her pregnancy despite the dangers to her own health. In 1985 the Tebows went on a mission to the Philippines with their four children. It was there that Pam got sick with amoebic dysentery, which is transmitted through contaminated water.

She fell into a temporary coma and was given potent drugs to fight off infection before it was discovered she was pregnant. The doctors stopped the drugs but said there was irreparable damage to the fetus, the placenta had detached from the uterine wall, and that Pam needed an abortion to save her own life. She refused and on August 14, 1987, she gave birth to Timothy Tebow.

“They told me if I didn’t abort immediately I was going to die,” Pam said. “Those are stories that are impossible apart from the power of God, and the story of our youngest son, Timmy, is a God story.”

The family moved back to America shortly following Tim’s birth. After the traumatizing delivery of her youngest son and a move across continents, Pam didn’t send her kids away to school so she could have a much-deserved break, but diligently tackled the job of homeschooling her children. Her sons were dyslexic, a trait they may have inherited from their father, and Pam wanted to make sure they got the attention they deserved with their education. She never allowed them to use their dyslexia as an excuse to do poorly in their studies and, as a result, each Tebow sauntered off to college with a scholarships in hand!

Pam now spends her time speaking for women’s groups, non-profit fundraisers, and various events across the country. She’s also writing a book about parenting which will definitely be on our “must read” list. A true multi-tasker, she also works with her husband’s ministry, the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association, which supports 50 nationals who preach throughout the Philippines. Last but not least, Pam and her husband also run an orphanage in the Philippines.

Truly an inspiring woman, Pam Tebow won the admiration of everyone at the luncheon we attended when she unabashedly sang bible verses that inspired her children. Endearingly sweet, she was a shining example of how a mother’s love and persistence can influence her children for a lifetime!


cindy b commented on Thursday, June 21, 2012
I don't follow football at all but I've even heard about Tim Tebow's efforts and good doings! Hooray for an awesome example and amazing person who really cares!
Jessica Campbell commented on Thursday, June 21, 2012
Love this! She has obviously raised some very respectable kids with good morals and character!
Beth commented on Thursday, June 21, 2012
What an uplifting story that showcases Mrs. Tebow's faith! Thank you for sharing it!
Ginny Meaks commented on Friday, June 22, 2012

With all of the horrific stories in the media about kids bullying poor grandmothers on buses and setting fire to their classmates, the Tebows are a great example of how to raise kids with discipline and love so they can respect others. Kudos to Pam Tebow for drilling bible verses into her children's heads and teaching them what is truly important!

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