Top 5 Health and Wellness Benefits of Visiting a Spa

Posted by: Garden of Life on Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Taking a couple of hours in a spa is not an extravagance. A spa relieves people from stress, aids in correcting mental challenges, detoxifies the body, has some mental benefits and relieves the body from pains and aches.  Life has become complex, challenging and highly demanding.  Taking a break to relax away from your stressors is a necessity for many, there are proven health benefits of visiting a spa. 


·         De-Stress

Recent surveys concluded that spa treatments help a great deal in pain relief and stress reduction. It soothes the muscles and sore joints, making the patient feel much better. Massages and sauna and steam baths are good stress management treatments. Taking a therapeutic massage, immersing self in a steam shower or sauna for a couple of hours washes away worries, pains and aches.


·         Mental Benefits

The main objective of a spa is to offer unmatched relaxation to the clients. The spa is designed with equipment and environment that helps in physical and mental stimulation. The spa enhances an individual's self-esteem and confidence. A foot scrub is essential for invigoration. People also derive multiple psychological benefits from manicures, therapeutic massages, pedicures, and facials.


·         Weight Loss

Spas have different wellness programs that require separate enrollment. It is upon the client to choose the kind of wellness and fitness programs they want. Most spas have well equipped gymnasiums, dancing exercises, under well trained fitness experts. Some of the programs are advanced and even includes engaging people with the same weight problem over social meetings online and off line. Special apps and diet programs are also given to go along with the physical training to give better and sustainable results.

·         Detoxification  

Detoxification is the process of removing of the excessive and non-essential fluids and toxins from the main body stream. A good detoxification system helps in retaining body water while eliminating bloating which is essential in making the client feel better. Some spa has additional special detoxification equipment and programs that helps in colon cleansing and fasting. These processes generally help in delaying aging and keeps one look younger even at an advanced age. Other services include special body treatments channeled towards special care and skin treatments. Apart from detoxification, spas provide treatments like heat therapy, hydrotherapy which aids in proper blood circulation and enhance blood pressure.


·         Body Aches and Pain Management and improved sleep  

Regular services like massage, heat treatments and hydrotherapy are for body aches and pain. Some spas are medical in nature and provide therapeutic programs which correct nerve disorders and arthritis. The spa renders a relaxed body and mind, free from stress and tension. This way the customers are able to get good sleep, even those suffering from sleep disorders.


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