Take a deep breath…raise your arms over your head…and..streeeetch

Posted by: Garden of Life on Friday, July 27, 2012


Feels amazing doesn't it?

Stretching is such an important component in keeping your body in balance. When you work out, you are constantly contracting your muscles. Stretching at the end of your workout pulls your muscles in the opposite direction and not only feels great, but sets your muscles up for optimal repair after being worked.

What are some Benefits of Stretching?

Improves circulation and range of motion
Increases mobility in muscles, joints and tendons
Reduces muscle tension and fatigue
Increases relaxation
Improvement in posture
Helps prevent injuries and muscle strains
Feels Great!

You should avoid static stretching when your muscles are cold. After you've worked out, your muscles are warm and will benefit the most from a good stretch. Don't be tempted to skip stretching after a hard workout. The benefits are well worth the few minutes it will take.

Tips for stretching following a workout:

Focus on the muscles you've used that day; they're the ones that will benefit the most
Hold each stretch for a count of 10-30, take a deep breath, stretch just a bit deep and repeat
Hold each stretch steadily, don't bounce!
While you are stretching, focus on how far you are reaching, and keep trying to go just a bit farther
Remember to breathe!

Stretching after a cardio or strength training workout is essential. You should also incorporate days into your workout regimen that focus primarily on stretching. There are many forms of yoga you can investigate to find the one that works for you.

One of my favorite stretches

Piriformis Stretch #1 Lower Trunk Rotation

Lay on your back
Bend one knee up to your chest.
With the opposite hand, pull your knee across your body unit la stretch is felt in your buttock.
Hold 20-30 seconds, repeat 3 times. Repeat on the other side.

Daily stretching will show results quickly. In no time at all you will notice huge improvements in your flexibility.

To get more tips & tricks from Joey check out his website at http://joeyrubino.com/ and make sure to follow him on Twitter @JoeyRubino & Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JoeyLondon1


Charissa commented on Friday, July 27, 2012
Love these tips - I need to stretch more!!!

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