Fantastic Flaxseed!

Posted by: Garden of Life on Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Although flaxseed has been cultivated for centuries, it’s recently become extremely popular because of its numerous health benefits. This tiny seed packs a big nutritional punch! Although flaxseed has been touted to cure just about every disease from diabetes and heart disease to cancer, the full effects of flaxseed in the human body are still not completely known and more studies are needed. Here is a link to the evidence on the effects of flaxseed on various medical conditions from the Mayo Clinic. What is known for sure is that flaxseed is rich in several important compounds including omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and phytochemicals, all of which have very important health benefits and should be included in a nutritious diet.

Flaxseed can be purchased at most natural foods stores or health food stores and comes whole, ground (milled) or as an oil. It also comes in golden or brown varieties but there's no nutritional difference between the two. Whole flaxseed has a tough exterior, which makes it difficult to digest, so it tends to pass through the body without giving you much of its nutritional benefits. The ground form is absorbed better by the body and provides much more health benefit. Pre-ground flaxseed however, has a short shelf life so the best idea is to buy it whole and grind it up in a coffee or spice grinder as needed. You can store unused flaxseed in a cool, dry place or in the refrigerator.

Flaxseed is high in protein and can be sprinkled on many foods like yogurt or oatmeal. It also can be stirred into hot soups, stews and pasta sauces. It can even be used in baking and can be incorporated into cakes, cookies and muffins. It’s also a great addition to smoothies to add extra fiber and protein. To reap all of the health benefits of flaxseed, it’s recommended that you eat 1-2 tablespoons a day.

There are 3 main components that make flaxseed so good for you:

- Fiber: Flaxseed is high in soluble and insoluble fiber. A diet high in fiber has several health benefits including helping to reduce cholesterol levels, regulate blood pressure and promote heart health. Fiber also helps to regulate blood sugar levels. It’s also really important in maintaining bowel integrity and regularity. It may also play a role in preventing colorectal cancer but the evidence is mixed.

- Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Omega-3 fatty acids are essential compounds that our bodies need to function. However, because we don’t naturally produce omega-3s, we must get them from our diet. Flaxseed contains high levels of alpha linoleic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid that is partially converted to the omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) that are mainly found in fatty fish like salmon. Omega-3s have been shown to have incredible health benefits. They reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by several different mechanisms including lowering triglycerides and reducing blood clotting. They also are important for neurologic development, especially in fetal development and young children. They may help reduce the risk of dementia in the elderly but more studies are needed. Because they work to reduce inflammation, omega-3s may improve symptoms in diseases such as arthritis and asthma. Other good food sources of ALA are canola oil, soybean oil and walnuts.

- Phytochemicals: Flaxseed is packed with phytochemicals, which are compounds found in plants that are beneficial to the body. They are an especially rich source of lignans, which are compounds that mimic the action of the hormone estrogen in our bodies. Lignans also have strong antioxidant properties. The lignans in flaxseed may provide some protection against cancers that are sensitive to hormones such as breast cancer. Lignans also have an anti-inflammatory effect, which plays a role in preventing certain diseases like asthma. Lignans help reduce inflammation associated with plaque build-up in the arteries, thereby helping to prevent heart attacks and stroke.

Of note, flaxseed oil contains omega-3s but does not have the fiber and lignans found in the rest of the seed.

Now you know why I said this amazing little seed is packed with nutrition! If you’re looking for an easy way to incorporate flaxseed into your diet, try my Blueberry Banana Flaxseed Smoothie. Blueberries, another superfood, are higher in antioxidants than any other fruit. They’re also packed with fiber and several vitamins including Vitamin C. Greek yogurt adds tangy flavor and a boost of protein while the bananas, honey and almond extract add sweetness. Throw in some flaxseed and it’s the perfect, nutritious drink to get you going in the morning or anytime of day. Enjoy!

Blueberry Banana Flaxseed Smoothie
Makes 2 servings

2 tablespoons whole flaxseed
1 ripe banana*
1 cup blueberries
½ cup fat free Greek yogurt
¾ cup milk of your choice
1 tablespoon honey
¼ teaspoon almond extract
6 ice cubes

Place the flaxseed in a blender and blend until it is ground. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth. Garnish with blueberries.

*For even better results, freeze the banana ahead of time

One serving: Calories 254; Fat 5.6g (Sat 0.6g); Protein 12.3g; Carb 42.9g; Fiber 6.6g


For more about Sonali and her amazing recipes go to www.thefoodiephysician.com

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Ginny Meaks commented on Thursday, August 02, 2012
I have been meaning to add more flaxseed to my diet because I heard it is especially great for women and our hormones. This looks like a delicious way to do it!
Patricia Thompson commented on Tuesday, August 07, 2012
My husband and I add milled flaxseed to our outmeal every morning for breakfast.
cindy b commented on Wednesday, August 08, 2012
I add flaxseed to my smoothies and my breakfast cereal!
guy commented on Tuesday, September 18, 2012
I really appreciated definitely experiencing studying this website, had taken a brief while but it has been well value the evaluate.

guy commented on Thursday, October 11, 2012
Will someone help me to find more details about how to find a way to having an outstanding nutrition dishes that it include a elment like flax seed ?

i want to create an awesome "more than reasonable" foods to my grammy, that will be not much like tasteless foods to "say the least" ,

so please i want your support to make the diner . proof to me that delicious food can go along with healthy food ,

flax seed benefits


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