Shapewear: 5 Tips For Wearing it Right

Posted by: Garden of Life on Monday, September 03, 2012

Shapewear is a wonderful thing that all women should take advantage of – but many don't! Why? Because they simply don't know how to find the right shapewear that fits them as it should.

Luckily, ladies, we're here for you. We've done the research and found some tried and true methods to finding shapewear not only fits you right, but helps you look stunning whether it's for a night on the town or everyday wear. Let's dive right in:

Tip #1: Know the purpose of your shopping trip.
Are you buying shapewear for everyday wear or a special occasion? The kind you'll need depends on why you're buying it and when you'll wear it. Keep this in mind before you head out so you know just what you're looking for and don't have to sort through as many options.

Tip #2: Choose the right color.
Shapewear most commonly comes in white, black, or nude – although some designers are now coming out with bolder colors in case you're feeling a little daring! If you're looking for something to go under a sheer garment, nude will be your best bet. If your outfit is a dark color or a thick material, your color of shapewear won't matter quite as much.

Tip #3: Get professionally measured.
Treat yourself to a trip to the mall or specialty department store to get professionally measured for your shapewear. A majority of women are wearing the wrong size of shapewear so it ends up not doing its job – it either looks frumpy or is too tight so it's showing problem spots, even though it's designed to mask them. Spend a bit of extra time to get measured so you can be sure you're wearing the right size.

Tip #4: Identify your problem areas.
Shapewear comes in many different types designed to cover different areas of the body. Here are a few of the most common:

• Body shapers – These “all-in-one” garments are used to help tone the whole body from the chest to the hips and everything in between. Body shapers are often purchased based on your bra size, so knowing the correct size is especially important.
• Bust shapewear – This type of shapewear enhances your bust more than a push-up bra. It helps give you support (and a boost) while looking natural. It's also purchased based on bra size.
• Thigh shapewear – Choose this shapewear to help tone your tummy, hips, and bottom. You can buy control briefs in a variety of lengths ranging from very short to mid-thigh. Some even include a band at the bottom so they don't roll or shift.
• Shaping panties – These panties help flatten your hips and tummy while supporting your bottom for a natural look without pinching. You can choose this type of garment based on your normal panty size, waist and hip measurements.
• Waist shapewear – Waist shapewear is a great way to help define your waist and give it a smooth contour. The most common style is a shaping brief that extends right below your bra line to tone your bottom, tummy, and waist. You'll need to know your normal panty size, waist and hip measurements to get the right fit.

#5: Try several brands.
Just like any other part of your wardrobe, shapewear can vary quite a bit by brand. Even if you've been professionally measured, make sure you try on at least a few different brands to find the one that fits you best before making a final decision.

Keep in mind these five tips and you'll be rocking the perfect shapewear in no time flat!

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Lisa commented on Wednesday, April 29, 2015
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MemoiStore commented on Thursday, May 14, 2015
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Charlotte commented on Thursday, July 09, 2015
Brilliant article. I have to say, I highly recommend ATIR Shapewear, their products are amazing. For any shape. I am a size 16 and was anxious that the garment would be very tight and uncomfortable. But i was surprised at how comfortable & breathable it was for me. It completely covered my rolls and gave me a lovely shape for wearing a fitted dress. I can't recommend this brand enough. I bought my shape wear piece online here http://bit.ly/1LTEuWf As far as I am aware they ship worldwide for FREE :)

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