Dancing With the Vitamin Code Star?

Posted by: Rhonda Price on Monday, May 21, 2012

Carrie Ann Inaba Featured with Raw One for Women
In New Beauty Magazine

If our popular multivitamin RAW ONE for Women was a dancer, celebrity judge Carrie Ann Inaba would be likely to give it a “10” for being the best whole food vitamin you’d ever want to tango with! That’s what we were thinking when we saw the lovely Ms. Inaba and RAW ONE for Women featured in this month’s New Beauty Magazine, the “beauty bible” for anti-aging, makeovers and overall health.

In the article titled “Do You Really Need a Multivitamin” (and in our opinion, of course you DO!) New Beauty has some great tips that we wholeheartedly agree with, such as:

  1. Look for brands with proven track records (This is the part where we really could go on all day about how Garden of Life is tops in the Natural Products Industry with many #1 products backed by science and clinical studies--but instead we’ll just point you to www.gardenoflife.com if you want to know more!)
  2. Decide on the right time of day to take your vitamins. The article recommends taking vitamins in the morning or at night before you go to sleep, but always with food or on a full stomach. With RAW ONE for Women, you don’t have to worry about exact timing, as our multivitamin is so loaded with whole foods and Raw Food-Created Nutrients™ that you can take it with or without food or with water or juice. We think it’s extremely liberating to be able to take a vitamin whenever you feel like it!

In addition to these helpful tips about multivitamins, New Beauty described Vitamin Code RAW ONE for Women as “a more natural option” and added that the beauty benefit is that it promotes healthy skin! Now I suspect we know why Carrie Ann is such a fan!

With Vitamin A, C, and Copper, RAW ONE for Women promotes healthy skin and is also perfect for all of us busy gals on the go! As New Beauty pointed out in the article, “Despite the fact that your vitamin may be offering a health benefit, if it’s bogged down with fillers and binders, the effects may not be as optimal as something that’s more natural. Created especially for those who are on-the-go and want a pure multivitamin, RAW ONE for Women makes use of completely raw whole food ingredients, live probiotics and enzymes.”

If that’s not enough to convince you that a multivitamin, and particularly RAW ONE for Women, is good for you in multiple ways, New Beauty summed up our rationale perfectly by adding:

“Unless you are eating every single meal in perfect proportion, with the right servings of vegetables, protein, dairy and healthy carbs, chances are you’re probably not getting the correct amount of essential nutrients. Many of us try to eat healthy but “cheat,” and that’s where a good multivitamin comes in.”

We couldn’t have said it better! (or maybe we could have, but it’s always nice when someone else says it for you!)


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