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Vanilla Chai Fig Smoothie

Posted by: Rhonda Price on Wednesday, August 28, 2013
  Raw chef and mother of 7, Debra Garner, shares one of her family‚Äôs favorite smoothie recipes! Read More
Vanilla Chai Fig Smoothie

RAW Fit Blueberry Burner Smoothie

Posted by: Garden of Life on Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Today we're coming to you live from the BlogHer Conference '13 in Chicago and thrilled to share our delicious RAW Fit Blueberry Burner Smoothie recipe!  Come visit us at our booth #1371 at #BlogHer13! Read More
RAW Fit Blueberry Burner Smoothie

Raw Fit Tropical Bliss

Posted by: Rhonda Price on Wednesday, May 01, 2013
Today's blog features Garden of Life's great new protein, Raw Fit Read More
Raw Fit Tropical Bliss

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Posted by: Rhonda Price on Friday, December 21, 2012
PR and Media Director Rhonda Price shares a great green smoothie to keep you rockin' around the Christmas tree this season! Read More

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Fantastic Flaxseed!

Posted by: Garden of Life on Wednesday, August 01, 2012
Today's guest blogger is Sonali aka The Foodie Physician. She is an Emergency Medicine doctor, chef, recipe developer and board certified foodie. She has a passion for food and likes to use her medical and culinary backgrounds to help people create meals that are nutritious and full of flavor. She enjoys discussing the health benefits of foods and encourages people to know what they’re eating so that they can make smart food choices throughout the day. Read More
Fantastic Flaxseed!

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