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Issue 79: Any-AGE Recipes

Kid-Friendly Breakfast

  • One or two eggs any style, cooked in one tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil
  • Stir-fried onions, mushrooms, and peppers
  • One slice of sprouted or yeast-free whole grain bread with almond butter and honey

Source: Jordan Rubin


Turkey Sausage Queen Omelet
  1 serving

1 slice of 9-grain bread
3 fresh eggs
1⁄2 oz. red onion
1⁄2 oz. red pepper
2 oz. turkey sausage
1⁄2 oz. white cheddar cheese
1 oz. shiitake mushroom gravy  (see recipe below)
2 oz. roasted potatoes
1 serving of cooked veggies (your choice)
1⁄2 oz. sprouts

Toast the bread and butter, slice diagonally. Cook together all of the onions, peppers, and turkey sausage (reserve 1 piece of sausage for garnish on top of the omelet).

Cook the omelet eggs. Add all the cooked veggies, mushroom gravy, and cheese to the omelet. Fold omelet to the size of the spatula. Place on plate, garnish with turkey sausage and sprouts on top.


Shiitake Mushroom Gravy (Makes a large amount; recipe can be scaled for smaller amounts or can be used to accompany the Family Roast Beef recipe below, along with mashed potatoes.)

1⁄4 cup coconut oil
3⁄4 cup yellow onions
1⁄4 cup garlic in oil
1 cup amaranth flour
5⁄8 gallon hot water
1 5⁄8 ounce dried shiitake mushrooms
1 tablespoon Herbamare

In a thick bottom sauté pot, sauté diced onions with coconut oil until onions are fairly brown. Add in garlic to oil and sauté for a bit longer. Pour in flour and stir frequently until flour is golden brown. Add in water, Herbamare, and mushrooms (with stems trimmed and small diced). Bring to a boil, slow down the heat, and slow simmer, stirring well and often, being sure to reach the bottom of the pot until the gravy is thickened to desired thickness. Allow to cool and then refrigerate.

Source: James Thomas of R. Thomas Deluxe Grill in Atlanta



Family Roast Beef

4-5 lb. chuck roast, from grassfed beef
¼ pound butter
½ cup Worcestershire sauce
Celtic sea salt
Black pepper, freshly ground

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Rub the roast with salt and pepper and place in a baking dish with 2-inch sides. In a saucepan, melt the butter and add an equal volume of Worcestershire sauce. Pour the sauce over the roast. Bake slowly at 325 degrees until a meat thermometer reads 150-155 degrees (for medium). Remove the roast from the oven and allow it to rest and redistribute the juices before carving. The temperature will climb to 180 degrees.

It is particularly important that grass-fed beef be cooked more slowly at a lower temperature than commercial beef. Grass-fed beef should also be allowed to “coast in” to the desired level of doneness by removing it from the oven several minutes before you think it is done. This preserves the juiciness and produces meat that is tender.

Source: Keith Tindall of White Egret Farm


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