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Big Shots

Big Shots

For those who’ve experienced the energizing, exhilarating power of wheat grass juice shots, you know what it’s like to feel the “rush” of their nutrients pulsing through your bloodstream to spread green goodness throughout your body—providing potent nutrition and quick energy. As you gulp it down, you know it’s giving you “off the charts” nutrition, nearly instantaneous energy, building up your body’s cellular health and inwardly cleansing your body.

Many wheat grass juice drinkers even prefer the “green shot” to a morning cup of joe or to tea time. That’s how much energy they get from this big shot! Wheat grass juice shot drinkers often feel more invigorated, too, since the chlorophyll in the shots builds blood cells, which, in turn, increases oxygenation to the entire body.

Generally speaking, wheat grass shot lovers take a one-ounce wheat grass shot once daily—usually on an empty stomach and before a meal. Some, however, take one-ounce shots three to four times a day or will up their wheat grass shots to two-ounce to four-ounce shots two or three times daily for even more of those green benefits.

Each shot is equivalent to the most nutritious leafy green vegetables imaginable, but honed into a small amount of concentrated juice made from young, tender shoots of wheat plants, which are just like green, leafy veggies. It’s so concentrated that some say that two wheat grass shots are equivalent to nearly three pounds of vegetables in vitamins, minerals and live nutrient energy!

Wheat grass juice shots are also deep green in color due to their nearly 70 percent chlorophyll content. Interestingly, chlorophyll’s chemical makeup is similar to the oxygen-carrying part of the blood’s hemoglobin, called heme, which carries oxygen from the lungs to the other cells and tissues of the body. Unsurprisingly, much of what builds and sustains the essential elements of blood is also found in foods packed with chlorophyll, such as wheat grass and other greens. As you may recall, chlorophyll provides some amazing health benefits, including boosting the synthesis of red blood cells, increasing energy levels, detoxifying the liver, providing protection from toxins and cleansing the digestive tract, among other things.

Wheat grass juice also provides protein, including all essential amino acids, which are those that must come from one’s diet; beta-carotene; folic acid; vitamins C, E, K and B12; other B vitamins; calcium; phosphorus; magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium. 

Additionally, wheat grass juice supports the growth of Lactobacilli, the healthy bacteria which grows naturally in the human digestive tract. Wheat grass juice is also teeming with enzymes—that is, if it’s not overprocessed or overheated, which can destroy most enzymes. That’s why it’s good to have it raw.

It’s no wonder, then, that wheat grass shots are the “big shots” of the juice bar!


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