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Get a Glowing Complexion

Get a Glowing Complexion

Ever wonder what the secret is to a glowing complexion? Well, the answer comes from within—literally—because what you eat, the condition of your liver and digestive system as well as your exercise habits all contribute to healthy, glowing skin. That’s not to say that cosmetics can’t help “finish out” healthy skin—if products are organic, that is—but a truly radiant complexion starts with diet and lifestyle steps.

For starters, eating veggies and fruits—raw and organic, of course—can work wonders for your skin. Researchers at the University of Bristol studied the effects of carotenoids—the yellow or red antioxidants in fruits and vegetables such as yellow and red peppers, spinach, tomatoes, carrots and melons—and found that they not only support a healthy immune system and fertility, but also play a role in healthier skin. What’s more is that the scientists found that if you eat enough of those yummy fruits and veggies, then your skin may develop a glow that's similar to what you might get from being at the beach.

Their study showed that those who had the most glowing skin also had higher levels of carotenoids. Dr. Ian Stephen, the study’s lead researcher from the University of Bristol, stated, “Most people in the West think that the best way to improve your skin color is to get a suntan. But our research shows that eating lots of fruits and vegetables is actually more effective.”

Not only can fruits and vegetables give you a radiant skin tone, but they can also help you look younger. Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., CNS, says that every aging-related issue—from memory loss to brain functioning and wrinkling skin—stems from two basic processes in the body: inflammation and oxidation. Eating foods with anti-inflammatory properties and that contain antioxidants (such as fruits and veggies) will help protect you against both. Bowden agrees that you should get at least five servings a day of fruits and vegetables, since their antioxidant content helps the body to fight off free radicals that cause oxidation.

In short, carotenoids can truly get under the skin to provide glowing benefits. Likewise, veggies and fruits contain several vitamins and minerals which improve skin health and can slow down the natural aging process.

While a clean diet is key to glowing skin, a clean liver and colon also help. The liver is the main detoxifier of the body, helping prevent the buildup of toxins in the tissues and bloodstream. When the liver is overtaxed due to diet, lifestyle, stress, our environment and more, the effects are felt body-wide, including skin appearance. Keeping the liver clean can help with a clearer complexion. Some liver “cleaners” include turmeric, milk thistle and dandelion root.

Having a clean digestive system, especially the colon, helps with overall health and skin health as well. Straying from a healthy diet, even temporarily, and other circumstances can gunk up your digestive system—leaving it primed for needing a clean sweep. Adding healthy fiber sources, including flaxseed, chia seed and more, can help keep things moving along and “ungunked.” What’s more is that the omega-3s in flaxseed and chia seed also support healthy skin.

And let’s not forget about exercise and radiant skin. Exercise promotes proper circulation, keeping skin healthy and vitalized. Exercise increases blood flow, which assists in nourishing skin cells and keeping them in tip-top shape. Increased blood flow also helps to carry waste products, such as free radicals, away from healthy cells. It also flushes out other cellular waste from your body, which acts to clean your skin from the inside out.

And now you know the inside secret to getting a glowing complexion!


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