5 Healthy Hunger Control Secrets

5 Healthy Hunger Control Secrets
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If you’re a mindless muncher, non-stop snacker or constant craver, is your appetite eating away at you? If so, you’re not alone. Many people feel hungry all the time and eat more than they would like. With temptation all around and food constantly in reach, it’s all-too-easy to snag a snack, grab some goodies or go out for a big meal. Luckily, you can naturally outsmart your hunger and control your appetite while staying healthy, happy and full. Check out these five healthy ways to curb your cravings, suppress your sweet tooth, stop your snacking and feed your need for satisfaction.

  1. Satisfy Your Hunger for Protein

Keep your energy up and your appetite down by piling your plate with protein. Studies have shown that eating protein can decrease your appetite and make you feel full, so you’re satisfied eating less. See, eating foods high in protein makes your body release hunger-halting hormones that regulate your appetite by sending signals to your brain that you’re full. Plus, protein keeps your energy up, your brain sharp and your blood sugar balanced. So power up your diet and your day with heathy, high-protein picks such as lean beef, chicken, turkey, fish, beans, tofu, eggs, cheese and yogurt for satisfaction guaranteed.

  1. Get Your Fill of Fiber

Fiber is nature’s faster filler-upper because it makes you feel full quickly, so hunger naturally goes away. Fiber is your friend when you’re trying to control your appetite, but not all fiber is created equal. Today, there are many fiber-fortified snack bars, cookies and pastries that are full of sugar, preservatives and artificial ingredients. But the added fiber you’ll find in these over-processed picks isn’t as healthy as the fiber naturally found in whole foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. To keep your hunger and health in check, focus on filling up on foods that are full of natural fiber.

  1. Water Down Your Hunger

Quench your thirst to control your appetite by drinking plenty of water. By sipping this no-calorie quencher all throughout the day, you’ll decrease your hunger before you eat, so you’re not starving at the table. But that’s not all… studies show that drinking water before a meal can also help you fill up faster and eat less during your meal. Plus, you’ll maintain that feeling of fullness long after you eat, which will stop you from raiding the pantry for a snack at all hours. How does water work its magic? Water stretches your stomach enough to send signals to your brain that you’re full. To flavor up your water, stir in slices of lemon, a squeeze of lime or a sprig of mint. By drinking water, you can keep your hunger at bay. 

  1. Sleep On It

If you’re dreaming of a good night’s sleep, this may be the reason that you’re hungry all day and night. Sleep affects your appetite by regulating the hormones that determine hunger and fullness. If you don’t get enough sleep, these hormones will be out of control—and so will your appetite! But getting at least seven hours of sleep each night will keep your hormones working properly and let you put your endless hunger to bed once and for all.

  1. Rise & Take a Shine to Breakfast

Starting each day with a healthy breakfast brings a lot to the table when you’re trying to control your hunger. When you’re running late or trying to eat less, it can be tempting to skip breakfast altogether. But skipping this morning meal can sabotage your eating for the remainder of the day. See, eating when you wake up reduces your hunger throughout the day, so you don’t have those 3:00 hunger pangs and late-night junk food cravings. But grabbing an early morning doughnut just doesn’t cut it. Eat a healthy breakfast with plenty of protein, fiber and healthy fats to feel full and fueled all day.

Try these five healthy tips for the appetite control you crave.
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