5 Unique Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

5 Unique Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day
by Tracey Pollack

When Valentine’s Day is on the calendar, love is in the air. But why fall for the usual flowers, candy and dinner-and-a-movie routine when you can spice up this heartfelt holiday in some unexpected ways. Start by dumping the silly idea that the day is just for couples. It’s also the perfect time to show your love for the ones your care about, from your friends and your pets, to your parents and even yourself. So whether you’re coupled up or single, take your Valentine’s day from tired to inspired with these sweet ideas to embrace the day with all of those you love. 

  1. Learn Some Classy Dance Moves – Rather than crowd into a noisy club, sign up for a dance class. Learn the tango, pick up the foxtrot or master the salsa. You and your love can get in touch with your inner Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, or simply have fun dancing with friends. Can’t find a nearby class? Just head to a country bar for a boot scootin’ line dancing session.

  1. Go On a Second First Date - Remember why you fell in love by revisiting where it all began. Bring back those feelings of excitement by recreating your first date. Return to the same restaurant, order the same meal, chat for hours in the same park and relive all of the magic. Whether you’ve been coupled up for a while or just recently found each other, you’ll love reminiscing the way you got together and seeing just how far you’ve come.

  1. Get a Taste of Fun – Hey good lookin’, what you got cooking? How about a fun-filled cooking class! Why go down to an overcrowded restaurant when you can enjoy a gourmet meal with a side of laughter and learning. Turn up the heat with your significant other or simply bring your best friends to brush up on their kitchen skills to impress a future date. After all, the way to the heart is through the stomach.

  1. Volunteer to Help Those Who Need Some Love - Valentine's Day is a time for showing and sharing the love, so why not give that generous gift to those who need it most. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen, help out at a community center, bring flowers to nursing home residents, take toys to an animal rescue, collect canned goods for a food bank or donate clothes to a family shelter. You’ll find that giving back is even sweeter than getting the usual box of candy.

  1. Book a Room – Get away from the everyday with a weekend or overnight getaway. Head to a favorite destination or choose a place you’ve never been and book a room for an exciting experience. A quick trip is always a treat for couples, but it also brings new adventures with your best friend, your parents and even on your own. If your pet is the love of your life, pick a pet-friendly hotel and whisk your furry or fluffy sweetheart away for some quality time together.

Put the thrill back in your Valentine’s Day with these five unexpected ways to do something special with your special someone.







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