5 Ways to Maintain Health On-the-Go

Maintain Health On-the-Go

The fast-paced nature of today’s life makes it all too tempting to grab fast food or skip a workout. However, with a little advance planning and making better choices, there are ways to stay healthy even when you’re on-the-go. Here are a few helpful tips!

1. Make meal planning easy. Start meal planning for the upcoming week on the weekend. Healthy meals can be prepped in advance and stored in the fridge for grab-and-go lunches during the week. Smoothies and protein shakes are also great for quick, portable and nutritious breakfast or lunch options. Load up the blender with fresh produce, fruits, veggies and chia seeds for a healthy smoothie. Or, choose a ready-made protein powder that just needs liquid, ice and a shaker cup—doesn’t get any easier than that!

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2. Fit in some “deskercise.” Sitting all day can lead to weight gain and other health problems. Be sure to get up and stretch every hour, stand while you’re on a conference call, use your desk to support your weight and perform modified push-ups. Be imaginative! For a little cardio, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or take restroom breaks on another floor. Park further from the building for a little extra walking.

3. Stay hydrated. Water is vital for overall health. Even mild dehydration can lead to headaches, hunger and decreased energy levels – all of which can zap productivity. Always be sure to have a full water bottle, and consume regularly throughout the day.

4. Use technology to your advantage. Instead of just using the phone to scroll social media and check email, make use of the countless apps available to help keep health a priority, such as a calorie counter or activity tracker app.

5. Schedule some “you” time. Overbooked schedules tend to override time for working out, getting enough sleep, taking a brain break to read a book or relax, or taking time to prepare food and eat right. Putting chunks of time into the calendar for these activities, just like other work meetings or appointments, can increase the likelihood they actually get done. Even just 30 minutes a day adds up to several hours of wellness time over the span of the week.
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