Ambassador Karen Putz Inspires Others to Pursue Their Passions

Karen Putz

When Karen Putz introduces herself as a Certified Passion Facilitator, most people assume she’s an expert in the “50 Shades of Marriage” department. The reality is that she’s an author, a professional barefoot water skier and a Garden of Life® ambassador who’s on a mission to prove you can pursue your true passion at any age!

For years, Karen was a well-known barefoot water skier on the national circuit. However, she thought she’d never compete again when an accident claimed her hearing six years ago. “I was 44 years old, totally deaf and thought my life was over,” she said. “I believed I could no longer do certain things—and so I did nothing and became extremely overweight and unhealthy. I was miserable.”

Karen abandoned water skiing entirely and remained in a slump until her husband gave her several inspirational videos. Gradually, she realized that she alone had the power to change her thoughts, her attitude and, ultimately, her life. She also made a commitment to tackle her weight and improve her health, so she chose Garden of Life supplements to get back on track.

“Garden of Life has been a big help to me,” she said. “The Organic Plant Protein shakes keep me going and are perfect for skiing days because I don’t like a lot of heavy food in my stomach when I’m on the water. I feel great and tell everyone I’m 50 years old and a spring chicken!”

Karen’s experience with overcoming her handicap led to creating her own business called Ageless Passion at She’s authored eight books, including one with Garden of Life brand ambassador and barefoot water skier Keith St. Onge, and is a motivational speaker booked by large groups and organizations across the country.

“I tell people to start living now and not to wait until retirement to start living,” she said. “I tell them we all have the same 24 hours in a day, so strive to find your passion, and you will make the time to do it!”

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