Bright Ideas to Spring Into Daylight Saving Time

Bright ideas to spring into daylight savings time
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Soon you’ll see your evenings in a whole new light. On Sunday, March 11, you’ll turn your clocks ahead an hour for Daylight Saving Time. That means an extra hour of light at night and more time to enjoy the day. Say goodbye to those dark, early evenings that left you hibernating at home. Get outside and soak up the sunlight! What will you do with the extra daylight? Whether you spend it with family, friends or all on your own, try these fresh and healthy ideas to brighten up your days much later into the night.

  1. Step Out for a Walk or a Jog

Get outside and get active. Now that it’s staying lighter later each night, you’ll have the time to exercise after work and enjoy the great outdoors. No more dragging yourself out of bed before dawn to hit the gym or treadmill—hit the streets instead! Take a stroll after dinner to help you unwind at the end of the day, or go for a jog in the balmy night air. Take the family along to get everyone active and spend some time together, or invite a friend for a chance to catch up when there’s no time during the day. Getting out for some fresh air and fitting exercise into your day will surely put a spring in your step.

  1. Make Playtime a Walk in the Park

If your kids spent the dark early nights of winter parked in front of the TV or computer, it’s time to head to the park instead! Gather the gang and go to the neighborhood park for some late-day fun and fitness. Since it’s no longer dark after dinner, there’s time to take the kids to the park to get some healthy exercise. Plus, playing, jumping and running will burn off their extra energy, so they’re ready to fall into bed.

  1. Read a Good Book in the Great Outdoors

There’s nothing as relaxing as sitting outside in the evening enjoying a good book. Thanks to the extra hour of sunlight, there’s plenty of time to read another chapter as you bask in the balmy breeze. It’s also better for your eyes to read by natural light than from the glare of indoor lamps.  

  1. Eat-In Outside

Feast on the late-day light with a relaxed meal outdoors. Pack up snacks and sandwiches for a picnic in the park. Invite your friends for a lively evening BBQ. Fire up the grill for a casual family cookout. Or dine al fresco with your partner while taking in the sunset. With the extra sunlight and warmth, you’re sure to have a good time over a great meal.

  1. Give Gardening the Green Light

Spruce up your outdoor area by planting a garden in your yard. After all, one of the original reasons for having daylight saving time was to give farmers extra light at night to work out in the fields. That’s certainly grounds for starting a garden of your own. Plant some spring flowers to brighten your landscape and your day. Including early-season vegetables like lettuce, peas and broccoli ensures a fresh supply of veggies is always at your door. And get the kids involved to teach them about plants and inspire healthier eating. Before you know it, you’ll be able to savor your garden for both its beauty and its bounty.

After many dark winter nights of hunkering down at home, getting outside to enjoy the extra hour of daylight is truly a breath of fresh air.
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