Why Choose Organic?

why organic

The Benefits of Choosing an Organic Lifestyle

While in the local health food store recently, I overheard an employee ask a customer the usual, “Is there anything I can help you with, ma’am?”

Scanning the sea of natural products on the shelves, the customer replied, “Yes, actually. I’m looking for coconut flour, but with the little label.”

The little label? Ah, yes. That little label. But, do people know why the Certified USDA Organic seal is so significant? There are so many benefits to that “little label,” to choosing an organic lifestyle. Let’s break it down:

Being Certified USDA Organic means not only holding the highest standards for your body, but also holding the highest standards for animal welfare and nature, too. By definition, the Certified USDA Organic seal means:

    •  No GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
    • Zero antibiotics or growth hormones
    • No synthetic fertilizers
    • No prohibited pesticides
    • No irradiation
    • No sewage sludge
    • Adherence to animal health and welfare standards
    • 100 percent organic feed
    • Giving animals access to the outdoors
    • Specific soil and water conservation methods
    • Pollution reduction

A 2015 study proved that organic crops are up to 60 percent higher in a number of key antioxidants than those that are conventionally-grown. In short, there are more nutritional benefits to consuming Certified USDA Organic food.

The Soil Association is celebrating Organic September: 30 days dedicated to the importance of choosing organic for your benefit and for the planet’s. Garden of Life® joins the Soil Association to spread the word of the choosing to live an organic, healthy lifestyle. We are committed to organic farming; we make sure that as many of our products as possible (over 100!) are Certified USDA Organic to provide the cleanest supplements for you.

Whether you’re looking for veggies, snacks, or supplements, look for that green and white organic seal. It’s better for you; it’s better for the world.

Choose organic.


    • Do you buy organic food?
    • What’s your main reason for choosing organic?
    • Do you have a local farmer’s market that offers organic options?
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