Cool Ways To Fit Fitness Into Winter

winter workouts
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It’s cold. It’s windy. It’s dark by late afternoon. This can make it very tempting to skip your workouts during the winter and just hibernate at home. The couch may be calling your name, but staying fit when it’s cooler is easier than you think. It’s also a lot more fun!

And there are so many healthy benefits to being active during the winter. You avoid the sweltering heat of summer when you’re likely to break a sweat before you even start your routine. You know that exercise is good for your body, but it’s great for your mind and your mood. See, colder weather and darker days can make you suffer the “winter blues,” which has been clinically diagnosed as a mild form of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It’s related to the fewer hours of daylight we have during fall and winter. But when you exercise, feel-good chemicals are released in the brain that help improve your mood. So working out when it’s colder can actually help you lighten up both physically and emotionally.

But don’t assume that your only choice for exercise is the dreaded treadmill. Go ahead, get creative, and try something new. These fresh ideas for outdoor and indoor fitness will melt away your doubts about working out when it’s cold.

5 Ways To Work In A Workout In Winter

  1.  1. Try Snowshoeing

In case you’re new to the activity, simply think of snowshoeing as taking a walk through thick, heavy, snow while wearing flat aluminum shoes. The beauty of showshoeing is that it’s very easy to do, less expensive than other winter sports, and a perfect way to stay active outdoors in the winter. And there’s a style that’s right for everyone. You can take a leisurely stroll through a field of freshly fallen snow or go for a brisk run through thick powder in the woods. No matter which path you take, the snow creates resistance and gets your heart pumping. You end up getting a good workout that lets you enjoy the cool, crisp air.

  1. Go Ice Skating

Gliding on the ice is a low-impact workout that can make you feel like a kid again. You can skate peacefully on your own or make it a social event with your family and friends. Ice skating is an ideal winter exercise in both warmer and colder climates. If there’s snow on the ground, there are many outdoor rinks that let you savor the wintry landscape. Do you live in a warmer place? Then head to an indoor arena to twirl around on the ice. Since rinks typically make all sizes of ice skates available, you don’t need to invest in special equipment. Just grab your coat and hit the ice.

  1. Get Out And Play

If you can’t bear the idea of working out when it’s chilly, try “playing out” instead. Grab your family or friends, go outside, and have a blast! Start a snowball fight, build a snowman, or just lay down and make snow angels. No snow? Go jump around in piles of fallen leaves or start a game of touch football. You’ll get in some good cardio while having a great time.

  1. Go For A Spin

If you don’t want to ride your bike with winds whipping against your face, try an indoor spin class instead. These high-intensity classes let you blast a lot of calories and get a lower body workout among a supportive group. You can go at your own pace because the bikes let you adjust the speed and resistance easily. And you can leave your helmet at home.

  1. Dancing

No interest in structured workouts? Turn on some upbeat music and dance around the house. Choose a few of your favorite songs and start grooving to the beat. Before you know it, you’ve blasted lots of calories while having a blast at home.

Winter is a wonderful time to stay fit, healthy, and strong. With these refreshing ideas for winter workouts, you won’t leave fitness out in the cold.
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