Creating Light Bulb Moments

Dedication to Education

“Dedication to Education.” This has been the motto of the Garden of Life Education Team for well over ten years. The reason why these three words are so important is because they convey the true heartbeat of Garden of Life.

Our emphasis on education allows us to move beyond simply being known as a supplement company, and it allows us to demonstrate that we are a holistic health and wellness company. Our Extraordinary Health magazine, as well as our e-newsletter, are two great examples of our dedication to education. These free resources offer thousands of people relevant and trending topics on wellness, fitness, agriculture and all things food related. There are seven other really great examples of our dedication to education: Dawn Thorpe Jarvis, Amber Vitse, Bruce Topping, Gwen Eager, Paul Freeman, Rex Jones, Travis Lesperance. These are the members of our Education Team who travel all over the country three weeks each month to share their knowledge with others. Often referred to as our “road warriors,” these educators tirelessly teach on subjects that are central to the Natural Products Industry: the importance of Certified USDA Organic, warning against Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), the power of regenerative agriculture and the latest research on the human microbiome and the often misunderstood way that raw materials are sourced and processed when creating products and how they may affect your quality of health.

Having more than 87 years of collective experience working in the Natural Products Industry, these educators are well versed in a wide array of health and wellness matters, but they are more than health braniacs. They also have huge hearts. What I mean by this is that each of them truly cares about people—about you! Their passion is to teach, to help and to empower.

These five educators constantly talk about creating “light bulb moments” for people. They know that when the light bulb turns on for someone, then that person has made a significant step towards taking ownership of his or her health and wellness.

At Garden of Life, going beyond the ordinary is our goal. Em powering Extraordinary Health® is what w e do, and we do this through the power of education.

So, perhaps it is appropriate to say that we empower extraordinary health through extraordinary education. I would love for you to experience one of our live, free, educational seminars. The next time you see that our educators will be teaching in a store near you, please check them out, tell them your story and get ready to be empowered!

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