Former Collegiate Volleyball Player Jesica Salyer Takes Health to the Next Level

Jesica Salyer Former Collegiate Volleyball Player Lifting Weights
As a former college athlete, Jesica Salyer knows what it takes to stay in shape. Recently, the 27-year-old health and fitness blogger hit a plateau in her weight, so she joined a new gym and supplemented with Garden of Life® RAW Fit to boost her diet and exercise routine.

Jesica has been an athlete since she was five years old. After high school, the south Florida native earned a spot on the Rutgers University Women’s Volleyball Team. As a Division I student athlete, balanced meals and challenging training sessions were automatic. Jesica chose to continue this lifestyle after college.

“Once an athlete, always an athlete,” she said. “Even though I’m not competing anymore, I never turn it off.”

Jesica recently moved to Kansas City to live with her husband and step-daughter. There, she joined Iron Tribe, a gym which combines Olympic lifts and body-weight exercises for a high-intensity workout. Supplementing her daily workouts with RAW Fit, she shed 15 pounds of fat in eight months.

“The high-intensity exercise combined with RAW Fit really made the difference for me,” she said. “My body loves it.” Although Jesica doesn’t consider her weight loss a dramatic transformation, she said RAW Fit was the dietary change that helped her drop the extra pounds that were the toughest to lose.

“Small changes, like adding a new supplement or altering a workout routine, can impact people who are already at a high level of health and fitness. That’s how it worked for me.”

When she’s not working out, blogging for her site Run On Organic, or spending time with family, Jesica works for Title Nine, a women’s athletic apparel company.

“Everything else in my life benefits from having a foundation of health and fitness,” she said. “My mantra is ‘make good
use of your pulse,’ and I live by it.”

To learn more about Jesica Salyer, check out her health and fitness blog To learn more about Garden of Life RAW Fit, click here.
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