Garden of Life Modern Table Gift Basket Giveaway

table gift basket
As sponsors of the BlogHer conferences each summer, we have an opportunity to meet and connect with great eco-friendly and family friendly new products.  At BlogHer 2015 in New York City we met the team from Modern Table Meals as they sampled their healthy and delicious meal kits.

We are happy to be giving away a set of Modern Table Meals and Pastas along with Garden of Life mykind Organics Products in a gift basket worth $250. You can enter through this link on Gleam.

Modern Table Meals were started by a group of moms to create easy, healthy and tasty meals to the on-the-go family.  As moms, they created these meal kits and pastas so parents and families do not have to sacrifice their health for the sake of time and convenience.

The Modern Table Meal kits come in a variety of flavors-Mediterranean, Italian, Southwestern, Teriyaki, Pesto and Mac & Cheese.  Each kit serves 4, is complete in about 15 minutes and is great on its own or as a side dish.  The pastas are madefrom lentils and beans making them naturallyhigh in plant protein (13-24g depending on the kit)…but your family will never know the difference!  The only time I was reminded that the pastas are bean based was as they were cooking due to the yummy bean smell.  The sauces are very easy to make and my kids loved helping and taste testing them!

Modern Table Meals truly are delicious and great for on the go families.  My boys could not tell the difference between a Modern Table Mac & Cheesemeal from my home made Mac & Cheese, and my four year old loved the Teriyaki noodles because they tasted “just like the slurpy noodles we get” at our favorite
Asian noodle restaurant.  My personal favorite is the pesto meal which I paired with some fresh steamed carrots, cauliflower and pea pods!

Meal kits are not only delicious and healthy, but they are easy on a family budget.  They can be found at retailers like Target and Whole Foods for $6.99 for the meal kits and $5.99 for the plain pastas.
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