Great Ways To Work In A Workout this Summer

Great Ways To Work In A Workout this Summer
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Tired of the treadmill and done with dumbbells? Why stay stuck in a stuffy gym when the sunny skies of summer make it a breeze to get a good workout while enjoying the great outdoors. Being outside in the summer makes everything seem like fun. There’s a joy in the air, an ease in the pace and a zest for adventure that makes working out a pleasure. Plus, longer days and brighter nights mean more time to fit in fitness. Since you’ll be outside of the gym, think outside-of-the-box! Give your old routine a vacation and try these thrilling new activities that make a work out feel like play.

  1. Stand Up to Summer

If you’re bored by your gym routine, then get on board with stand-up paddleboarding, also known as SUP. This workout on the water can tone your entire body, yet fools you into feeling like you snuck out of the gym to enjoy a day at sea. No wonder so many fitness fanatics have started asking, “what’s SUP?” It’s simply a fun and relaxing low-impact activity for all ages, sizes, shapes and overall fitness levels. While it may seem like a carefree water sport, SUP can stand up to any hard-core gym routine. See, balancing on a board will engage your whole body, so you strengthen your core, tone your arms, firm your legs, improve your balance, increase your endurance and burn up to 800 calories an hour! And gliding along the water on a breezy summer day offers a relaxing sense of escape, as a well as hours of outdoor fun with your family and friends.

  1. Get a Jump on Summer Fitness

Jump-start your summer workout routine with a playful form of exercise that will make you feel like a kid again. Everyone’s jumping for joy now that jumping rope has grown up to become a carefree form of cardio. This favorite childhood pastime improves your body by leaps and bounds by boosting your heart rate, toning your muscles, strengthening bones, burning fat and blasting through hundreds of calories. Forget fancy equipment and pricy gear—all you need is a sturdy jump rope and a comfortable pair of shoes. So skip the gym this summer and start skipping yourself in shape with this high-flying workout that’s more than all fun and games!

  1. Hoop it Up!

Does your workout make you feel like you’re going around in circles and not making any progress? Then give hula-hooping a whirl. This fun ‘50s fad has emerged as a modern-day cardio craze. Hula-hooping first hit the headlines as the ultimate belly-blaster for the way it whittles your waist. Today, fitness fanatics are in the loop with how the hoop helps tone your abs, slim your hips, build your core, strengthen your lower back and melt those extra pounds. To get started, all you’ll need is a large, durable hoop that’s stronger than those flimsy plastic hula hoops sold at the local toy store. Ready to give it a spin? Join the hula hoop revolution to strengthen your inner muscles and channel your inner child.

  1. Play Your Heart Out

Exercise is child’s play when you work out on a playground. Today, your neighborhood playground is no longer just for kids—it’s now the perfect place to get your kicks and kick up your workout. Just head to a local playground to get your heart pumping, muscles working and feel like a kid again. Do pull-ups on the monkey bars. Try push-ups against the swings. Do lunges by the slide and work your triceps by the benches. With fresh air, open space and no membership fees, your favorite gym may soon become the nearby jungle gym.

Change up your summer workout with these fun, fresh ideas to enjoy a change of scenery and a change of pace.
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