Letters from the Troops

When the military calls, Garden of Life® responds! In recent months, we learned that sometimes it’s not easy to get enough greens, especially when you’re stationed with the U.S. Navy SeaBees battalion at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan. In this rugged region where sandstorms are the norm and temperatures hovering over 100 degrees make it tough to grow anything, fresh greens are a rare treat. One of the Seabees, Steve McGregor, was getting his daily intake of greens with Perfect Food® RAW, and it wasn’t long before all of his buddies were asking about the mystery smoothie in his shaker cup!

Garden of Life responded by shipping plenty of shaker cups and Perfect Food RAW for all of the Seabees to use on convoys. We were proud to offer them our #1 selling greens supplement—just as we’re proud of them for serving our country.

Their huge “Thank You” sign made us here at Garden of Life smile for days!
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