Our New Innovative Shelf-Stable Bottle Technology

Garden of Life Probiotics Arrive Alive Potency Promise Seal

We have our classic shelf-stable probiotics and our “cool” probiotics which are refrigerated. See how a patented, dessicant bottling process keeps moisture out and potency in. Our roots are in probiotics, ever since our first probiotic, Primal Defense® was created. Containing Homeostatic® Soil Organisms or HSOs, hardy organisms that are shelf stable and survive stomach acid. Primal Defense was revolutionary, and remains a unique probiotic formula. While Primal Defense has always been shelf stable, many important, health promoting probiotics are not and can lose their potency—literally dying off—when placed on the shelf instead of being refrigerated. As time went on, we realized the need for various probiotics for overall health, so we creatively sought to preserve them effectively, which led to our refrigerated probiotics with the Arrive Alive!™ promise.

That’s what it took to keep the probiotics robust! That’s why nearly 80 percent of our probiotics are currently found in the cooler—not on the shelf. That includes our RAW Probiotics™ line, where what you see on the label is what you get in the bottle—temperature-controlled cold storage and delivery from the moment the probiotic cultures are harvested until the first capsule is swallowed—ensuring the probiotics arrive alive. More recently, we developed our Dr. Formulated line for condition-specific issues—products like we’d never offered before. Some of our Dr. Formulated probiotics are delivered cold, too, which is why they carry the Arrive Alive promise. But we’re always looking for innovative ways to better serve you, so we dug a little deeper here at the Garden and are pleased to say that our Dr. Formulated Once Daily Men’s Probiotics and Dr. Formulated Once Daily women’s Probiotics are packaged with a Shelf Stable Potency Promise—no refrigeration necessary. The Shelf Stable Potency Promise is a new bottling technology that creates shelf stability without lessening probiotic potency. Here’s essentially how it works: In a “two-shot” process, bottling is via apatented desiccant which, essentially, surrounds the product and absorbs any moisture that may leak through Shelf Stable Bottle Technology the sidewall before it interacts with the product. The second “shot” in our bottling process provides a moisture barrier. Plus, the packaging’s recyclable! Together, these provide you with our Shelf Stable Potency Promise. The result reduces water activity upon packaging—a moisture barrier—leaving the probiotics shelf stable. With typical plastic bottles, moisture can get through the sidewall and affect the product before it is absorbed by the desiccant canister. But not these bottles. They have the Shelf Stable Potency Promise—a technology we wanted you to meet.

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