NHL Power Forward David Booth Dishes on Health, Lifestyle and Happines!

David Booth Professional Hockey
By Lisa Gallo

A Garden of Life Brand Ambassador and power forward in the National Hockey League, David Booth started his professional career with the Florida Panthers in 2006. Earning MVP honors with the Cats in the 2008-09 season, moving north to play with the Vancouver Canucks in 2011 and then to the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Michigan native has now found himself as a free agent. With training camp around the corner, Booth chatted with us about how Garden of Life supplements have tackled his digestive health issues, his amped-up active lifestyle and how he and his wife, Ashley, have truly redefined the term “power couple.”

The Interview

Extraordinary Health Magazine:  You started your NHL career with the Florida Panthers. Do you have any fond memories of your time in Florida?

David Booth:  I have a lot of great memories of Florida. Growing up, our family always vacationed down there, so to be drafted and to have the opportunity to play for the Panthers from 2006 to 2011 was very special for me and my family. My brother lives in Fort Lauderdale, and I have a lot of good friends there who visit me every year to watch me play wherever I may be. Florida has been really good to me, and it’s somewhere I’ll always go back to for the rest of my life.

Extraordinary Health Magazine:  You’ve also played for the Vancouver Canucks and the Toronto Maple Leafs. What’s next for you in your NHL career? 
David Booth:  I’m a free agent right now. Training camp begins on September 17th, so I have about a month to see what will happen, what will transpire. Anything can change in the matter of a minute. You never know where you’ll end up, but that’s something you train hard for so that when you’re given this opportunity, you’re ready to jump on it. I’m training hard to make sure that whatever team it may be, I’m ready to go. I’m truly looking forward to another season.

Extraordinary Health Magazine:  What are your off-season hobbies? Do you and Ashley do anything special together?

David Booth:  We’re very dedicated to making sure that we get our workouts in and that we’re eating healthy no matter where we’re at. With that said, w e’re able to travel a lot. We always go to Park City, Utah. We traveled to British Columbia to visit friends—there’s a very active lifestyle there that we love. This summer, we were in Australia for two weeks. Wherever we go, we try different things; we take in the culture. There are a lot of opportunities out there that we’d like to take advantage of while we’re young and healthy, and before starting a family of our own. Garden of Life plays into that a lot, since w e’re able to travel with our products. It makes it easy for us to maintain our active and healthy lifestyle
Extraordinary Health Magazine:  So, how’s the married life? (Married Ashley Booth on June 14, 2014)

David Booth:  I love being married. She takes good care of me, and I wish I had this kind of support a lot earlier in my life. But, she steals all of my Garden of Life supplements. I have to hide them from her sometimes!

Extraordinary Health Magazine:  What are some of your favorite Garden of Life supplements, and how have they helped you?

David Booth:  There are so many products that I can’t go without. Starting with the probiotics, the new line of Dr. Formulated Probiotics is spectacular. I’m using them for some digestive health issues I’ve been dealing with. I’m not a scientist or a nutritionist, but I do know that some of the processed food that we consume, including GMOs, additives and artificial flavors, destroys the natural process of digestion, so we’re not getting the optimal benefits fr om the natural foods we eat. So, eliminating that possibility by taking the right probiotics, fish oils, proteins and the products that Garden of Life has really allows me to get the maximum nutritional value from the whole food I consume.

Extraordinary Health Magazine:  So, it sounds like you take more than just the probiotics, right?
David Booth:  Yes. I use the fish oils every day—those are huge for me. I have a shake, if not two, almost every day using the RAW Fit and RAW Protein along with the Perfect Food and RAW Organic Green Super Food. All of the products are amazing. Your body can really tell when you’re using the products and sticking with them. You just feel so much better. The quality of the products surpasses pretty much every other brand that I’ve tried. As a professional athlete, we’re provided a lot of supplements, but it’s hard to beat Garden of Life. I stick with it all year round.

Extraordinary Health Magazine:  We have seen a picture of you kissing a giant grizzly bear. What’s up with that?
David Booth:  I gave him a kiss! We have friends in Vancouver who raise wild animals. They raised that grizzly bear since it was born. Not only that, but they’ve had a polar bear for 20 years! Hanging with the grizzly is definitely a moment in my life that I’ll never forget.

Extraordinary Health Magazine:  Any words of wisdom for our magazine readers?

David Booth:  It’s just a matter of discipline and sticking with what you want out of life. The way you feel, the amount of energy you have and your mood have so much to do with what you put into your body. For us—my wife and I—we’re rarely in a bad mood. We’re always happy and full of energy! It starts with discipline. We're proud to have David as a Garden of Life Ambassador. You can learn more about David Booth by visiting his Brand Ambassador page.
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