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Zucchini hummus

Zucchini Hummus

Chef Gwen’s Zucchini Hummus is great served with veggies and more for a yummy, healthy snack.
beef watercress salad

Beef and Watercress Salad

Roast beef, watercress and more combine in Dr. Perlmutter’s tantalizing Beef and Watercress Salad. You’re going to love it!
watermelon salad

Mediterranean Watermelon Salad

Brimming with watermelon and other refreshing ingredients, Chef Gwen’s Mediterranean Watermelon Salad will help you stay cool!
marinated grilled lime chicken

Marinated Grilled Lime Chicken

Dr. Terry Willard serves up his Marinated Grilled Lime Chicken. It’s what’s cooking at your next barbecue!
grilled fish with salsa

Grilled Fish with Salsa

It’s grilled fish with a flair—your favorite fish topped with homemade zesty salsa, avocado slices and cilantro.
burger perfecto

Burger Perfecto

Grill up the perfect burger for the 4th of July or any time with Chef Gwen’s Burger Perfecto recipe—featuring grassfed beef burgers and a yummy pesto sauce!
mamas lemon ginger treats

Mama's Lemon Ginger Treats

Looking for a healthy, tasty and “lemony” treat? Then try Chef Gwen’s Mama’s Lemon Ginger Treats. They’re delectable!
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