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Plant Based Diet Supplements

The 3 Supplements I Take Daily as a Plant-Based Dietitian

The best way to meet your nutrition needs is by eating a well-balanced diet, but it’s not always possible to rely on foods alone. I follow a plant-based diet, so I avoid eating animal products and byproducts. Instead, my diet is predominantly made up of whole plant foods, including fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

Vegetarian Protein Pancakes

Vegetarian Protein Pancakes

Protein pancakes can be made vegetarian easily using our vegetarian protein pancake recipe - no eggs, just protein and goodness.

Garden of Life Recipe, Cinnamon Protein Rolls

Cinnamon Protein Rolls

Yum! Who can say no to cinnamon rolls? And this recipe from Chef Gwen has the added goodness of Sport Plant-Based Protein for an extra bump of yummy nutrition.

Collagen Lemon Tart

Collagen Lemon Tart

Yum, Lemon Tarts. And these delicious tarts have the added goodness of collagen so what are you waiting for? 

collagen carrot cake loaf

Collagen Carrot Cake Loaf

Yum! Carrot Cake...and this one is extra special with the added goodness of Collagen Peptides.

Strawberry skillet cake

Strawberry Skillet Cake

A yummy breakfast item, dessert or snack, this delicious Strawberry Skillet Cake has the added goodness of Collagen Peptides. 

plant-based dish for dinner

Get the Dish on Plant-Based Eating

Chew over what to know, what to eat and what to consider before giving a plant-based diet the green light.

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