#ThanksToMyHealth: Patricia’s Story

Thanksgiving is around the corner, marking the time of year when many share what they are thankful for. While there’s so much to appreciate—work promotions, relationships or a new puppy—at Garden of Life, we believe that health is the building block of our lives and that we should embrace it the most. Even if it’s as simple as getting out of bed in the morning, our health is the foundation to living; it allows us to do the big and the little things we live for.

This holiday season, we’re encouraging conversation about why each and every one of us is thankful for our unique level of health and wellness. We asked Garden of Life-er, Patricia, to share why she’s thankful to be healthy; here’s her story.
For years, Patricia has battled with health issues including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IBS and loss of hearing. Raising her son was difficult because she didn’t have the energy to experience life with him. Her illnesses prevented her from being the mom, wife and woman that she wanted to be, she said.

“My 100 percent was everyone else’s 50 percent. Getting out of bed was a miracle in itself,” Patricia said. “I was grateful that I had a son because being responsible for a child was the only reason I got out of bed, even though that felt like climbing Mount Everest.”
After years of doctor visits and prescriptions, Patricia finally found a silver lining when she met with Dr. David Perlmutter at the Garden of Life National Sales Conference. From an appointment she made at his practice, she learned she was vitamin D deficient, allergic to gluten and later, dairy. Once she cut both from her diet, her body started to function better.

“I used to have to drink about 12 cups of coffee a day,” said Patricia, referring to her lack of energy. “Now, I only drink two.”

Even though she’s still working hard to be at 100 percent, Patricia is finally able to power through her days with the confidence that her health issues had robbed her of for years.
Thanks to my health, I can bike ride with my son. I enjoy it and even race him from time to time. I never win, but knowing I can go all-out is something I thought I’d never get back,” she said. “I’m learning not to grieve for the years that I missed out on, and to just appreciate what I have.  It’s all a journey and I’m still creating mine.”

All season long, we’ll be highlighting the ways good health empowers great things—big and small. Share your story with us on Instagram using #thankstomyhealth. Make sure to include the hashtag and tag us @gardenoflife for a chance to be featured!
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