Top Springtime Veggies and their Health Benefits

Top Springtime Veggies and their Health Benefits
by Ashley Grano

Spring is one of those seasons that you just can’t wait to welcome. With more hours of sunlight, we can begin to enjoy more time outdoors, fragrant flowers in bloom…and all the delicious springtime vegetables that are in season! With so many options to pick from, it isn’t difficult to constantly excite your plate with colorful, health-boosting, organic veggies.

Detoxify and boost immunity with radishes

Spruce up an ordinary salad with radishes, a root vegetable that adds a crunchy and refreshing texture for very few calories. Plus, radishes are rich in vitamin C, which is known to help detoxify and support a healthy immune system.

Amp up energy with artichokes

If your energy levels have been subpar, try adding some artichokes into your diet. Artichokes are loaded with magnesium, a mineral which has a strong link to energy (plus plays a vital role in more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body). As the vast majority of the population is magnesium-deficient, artichokes are one way to help replenish healthy levels.

Boost your mood with asparagus

Every now and then, it’s common to feel fluctuations in mood. Hormones are largely responsible for our emotions, for both men and women. Asparagus spears are a good source of folate, a B vitamin that aids in the synthesis of the major mood-influencing neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine, according to reports from Harvard Medical School.

Speed healing with sugar snap peas

A cross between green peas and snow peas, sugar snap peas are a spring treat that makes a great low-calorie snack option or tasty stir-fry addition. They are also loaded with vitamin C, a water-soluble, antioxidant vitamin that speeds wound healing and boosts immunity.

Lower inflammation with sweet Vidalia onions

While regular onions are available all year, Vidalia have a unique touch of sweetness. Whether tossed into a salad, baked or stir-fried into a dish, their gentle flavor combined with excellent anti-inflammatory properties make them a welcome addition to any recipe.

Slim down with spring garlic

If you’re looking to shed a few pounds to get back your beach body as the temperatures rise, add some spring garlic into your meals. Some dieticians say that a compound in spring garlic, called allicin, might help prevent overeating by stimulating satiety.

Fill up on fiber with rhubarb

Though often treated like a fruit and used in pies, rhubarb is actually a vegetable. It is often sweetened with sugar or other sweet fruits to offset its tartness. Regardless of how you eat it, rhubarb is a great source of fiber, which has been found to help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and weight gain. Fiber is also important for overall digestive health.

So you see, there are some wonderful veggie options for spring—just be sure to buy organic so you truly receive all the health benefits without the pesticides.
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