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Sam Ryder

July 26, 2018 by Paul Clements Golf
Hometown: Atlantic Beach, FL   Favorite Garden of Life products: Raw organic meal powder, perfect food greens powder, pre-workout Sport powder, Men’s Daily Probiotic   Inspiration: my fellow competitors (former and current) inspire me to work hard and make a name for myself to leave an imprint on the sport   What Empowers You to … Continue reading "Sam Ryder" Read More

Cristina Capron

February 26, 2018 by Paul Clements Health & WellnessTrainers
Hometown: Grand Ledge, Michigan   Favorite Garden of Life products: Women’s Multi Vitamin, Probiotic, and Plant Based Sport Protein   Inspiration: Cassandra Martin   What Empowers You to BE EXTRAORDINARY: My Clients   Favorite health food: Smoothies   Why you choose clean and organic: I prefer to invest in healthy foods now than doctor’s visits … Continue reading "Cristina Capron" Read More

Claire Michelle

February 6, 2018 by Paul Clements Health & Wellness
Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado. A little town nestled beneath the slopes of the breathtakingly beautiful Rocky Mountains. I grew up lost in the lungs of these emerald forests, building fairy houses within mossy enclaves and climbing the limbs of oak trees until the last sliver of light faded... Favorite Garden of Life products: The Sport … Continue reading "Claire Michelle" Read More

Coco Sanchez

February 2, 2018 by Paul Clements Inline Skating
Hometown: Beautiful Long Beach, CA   Favorite Garden of Life products: B-12 spray OPP vanilla protein Raw organic MEAL replacement Organic Fit weight loss bars (chocolate, coconut, almond)! For me, I don't eat them to lose weight. I love them for the protein and more importantly to stop sugar cravings. GOL Sport Energy and Focus … Continue reading "Coco Sanchez" Read More

Stacy Goldberg

February 1, 2018 by Paul Clements Nutrition Expert
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan    Favorite Garden of Life products: SPORT Organic Plant Based Protein, MyKind Organics Women’s Once Daily, Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, MyKind Organic Gummies for Women, Men & Kids.      Inspiration: My children, farmland, and food innovation.   What Empowers You to BE EXTRAORDINARY: Creating change in the world, helping clients make … Continue reading "Stacy Goldberg" Read More

Garret Myers

December 21, 2017 by Paul Clements Acrobats
Hometown: Yorba Linda, California.    Favorite Garden of Life products: Sport Organic Plant-Based Energy + Focus (Blackberry), Sport Organic Plant-Based Recovery (Blackberry Lemonade) , Sport Whey Protein (Chocolate)   Inspiration: Books, Healthy Lifestyles, The power God has bestowed on me to chase my passion   What Empowers You to BE EXTRAORDINARY: The loving support from friends, … Continue reading "Garret Myers" Read More

Lauren (Lo) Yee

by Paul Clements Acrobats
Hometown: Laguna Niguel, California.   Favorite Garden of Life products: Raw Fit Protein (Vanilla), Sport Plant Based Protein (Vanilla), Sport Plant Based Performance Protein Bar (Peanut Butter Chocolate).   Inspiration: Know the Universe is here to support me in spreading the love of what I do to people around the world.   What Empowers You … Continue reading "Lauren (Lo) Yee" Read More

Toni Pressley

December 18, 2017 by Paul Clements Soccer
Hometown: Melbourne, Florida   Favorite GOL Products: Sport Plant Based Vanilla Protein, Chocolate Peanut Butter Sport Protein Bar, Plant Based Recovery, and Plant Based Energy and Focus   Favorite Health Food: Kale   Why do you choose clean and organic: As an athlete what I put into my body for fuel is very important to me to … Continue reading "Toni Pressley" Read More

Caitlin Dechelle

August 22, 2016 by Paul Clements Actors
Q & A: Hometown:  Miami FL Most significant career highlight:  Co-starring in Jackie Chan’s Chinese Zodiac acting and doing my own stunts Favorite food:  Gluten free rice cakes with almond butter and bananas My health food store:  Whole Foods My favorite Garden of Life supplements:  Raw FIt & Vitamin C Organic Spray Secret to staying … Continue reading "Caitlin Dechelle" Read More

Mohamed Hrezi

July 11, 2016 by Paul Clements Running
Off the track I am the most talkative person I know (possibly to fault?). I love meeting new people and constantly find myself entrenched in long conversations. If you ever see me around, say hello and I’ll be sure to stop and chat for a few minutes. I am just moving to East Lansing, MI … Continue reading "Mohamed Hrezi" Read More

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