Andy McDermott

Professional Actor & Fitness Pro

Since graduating from Northwestern University, Andy’s life has been filled with many chapters. He played soccer professionally for 7 seasons. He studied and taught Martial Arts for many years. After starting a family, he served as a cop on the Tactical Unit of a big city police department. Throughout all this, he was working as a model and an actor for smaller agencies in different parts of the country. Acting was always the dream job, but it’s always so hard to “chase the dream,” especially with a big family and a good career.

Eventually, Andy realized he would always regret it if he didn’t follow his heart and go after his passion. The McDermott family made the monumental decision to “sell the farm” and move to LA. It has been everything BUT easy! The hustle is starting to pay off, however, as Andy keeps chipping away at his dream.

In his “spare time,” Andy writes a monthly article for Muscle and Fitness magazine, holds a USSoccer National B Coaching License, and is a Training Expert for USA Today.  He, his wife Julie, and their four kids have recently started a healthy community at, where they try to help busy folks make smart nutrition decisions and fit exercise into their crazy lives!

Q & A:

Hometown:  Hollywood, CA

Most Significant Career Highlight:  The day that changed my career life was spending the day with Will Ferrell filming two scenes for the movie “Everything Must Go.”

Favorite food:   Dark Chocolate covered Almonds

My Favorite Garden of Life supplements:  Raw Probiotics

My Secret to Staying Healthy:  I listen to my body

My Favorite Training Tip:  Consistency, Variety, and Uncomfortability

My Significant Others:   Wife Julie (16 years, yikes!), and 4 little kids we call the Hobbits.

My Favorite Song:   Summertime by Will Smith

My Favorite Movie:  Everything Must Go (haha)

My Favorite Holiday:  The Departed

My Favorite Item of Clothing:   I have several pairs of Hylete tights- I wear them every day!

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up:  Action Movie Star

My Favorite Super Hero:  Captain America

Charities or Causes I Support:  AdoptTogether, World Vision, Cycle forSurvival

If I Could Change One Thing About Myself It Would Be:  Never get old

My New Year’s Resolution/Goal for 2016 is:  Be more patient and enjoy the minutes more

Upcoming events or competitions:  Some exciting projects coming up!  Also, see me on Season Two of “Togetherness” on HBO.