Branden Albert

Miami Dolphins, Offensive Tackle

Q & A:

Hometown:  Rochester, NY

Most Memorable Career Highlight(s):  First time he went to the Pro Bowl in 2013

Favorite Health Food:  Any kind of Smoothies

Favorite Unhealthy Food:  Spaghetti

Garden of Life Supplement I Can’t Live Without:  Wobenzym

My Secret to Staying Healthy:  Yoga

Top Training Tip:  Light cardio lifting with more reps to keep the body lean, Yoga and stretching

Favorite Movie:  Blade

What I Wanted to be when I “Grew Up”:  An NBA Player

Favorite Super Hero:  Incredible Hulk

If I Could Have One Super Power, it Would Be:  To fly

Charities or Causes I Support:  YMCA in Rochester, NY, Pancreatic Cancer Awareness in honor of his mother

My Role Model in Life:  His brother Ashley

Upcoming Events or Competitions:  Off season training, Organized Team Training in March