Ciaran O’Lionaird

Irish Olympian Runner

Q & A

Hometown: Cork, Ireland

Most Significant Career Highlight: World Finalist 1500m Daegu 2011

Favorite food: Egg Sandwich

My Health Food Store: Don’t have one…!

My Favorite Garden of Life supplements: Joint Formula

My Secret to Staying Healthy: Balance and moderation in training and life.

My Favorite Training Tip: Listen to your body

My Significant Others: n/a right now!!

My Favorite Song: Arctic Monkeys – Wanna be yours

My Favorite Movie: Rushmore

My Favorite Holiday: National Religious Freedom Day

My Favorite Item of Clothing: Jordans

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: Productive member of society

My Favorite Super Hero: Probably my Mum.

Charities or Causes I Support: Athlete Ally/LgBT movement

If I Could Change One Thing About Myself It Would Be: balance

My New Year’s Resolution/Goal for 2015 is: Try to get better sleep.

Upcoming events or competitions: The World Indoor Championships and the 2016 Olympic Games