Claire Michelle

Health & Wellness

Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado. A little town nestled beneath the slopes of the breathtakingly beautiful Rocky Mountains. I grew up lost in the lungs of these emerald forests, building fairy houses within mossy enclaves and climbing the limbs of oak trees until the last sliver of light faded…

Favorite Garden of Life products: The Sport Organic Plant Based Chocolate Protein Powder! I have an incredibly sensitive digestive system and have struggled with finding a clean, natural, (delicious), protein powder which elevates my endurance, heightens my energy, and allows for speedy muscle recovery after my island adventures, and morning runs. This one does all of the above, and it tastes heavenly in every smoothie blend I create.

What Empowers You to BE EXTRAORDINARY: Reawakening the intuitive nature of all creatures upon this earth through being a living reflection of love in human form.

Favorite health food: My morning smoothies! Literally my favorite part of the whole day, haha. I recently have been making this killer (or should I say, life giving) blend with frozen banana, frozen mango, ice, chia seeds, matcha powder, maca powder, rice milk, the Garden of Life Sport Organic Plant Based Vanilla Protein Powder, spinach, spirulina, a squeeze of lemon, and a pinch of ginger. Blendddd and then top it with hemp seeds, coconut flakes, cacao nibs, blueberries, and a crumbled peanut butter chocolate FIT bar on top.

Why you choose clean and organic: This body is your only home. And what you choose to consume, you become. When you are fueled with food that is alive, naturally sourced, locally grown, organic goodness, light will live through you. Choosing to take care of yourself is an act of pure selflessness,for you can only give to others, what you give to yourself. When you embody self love through compassionate food choices, the love you share is elevated exponentially.

Favorite holiday: Growing up, I looked forward to Christmas all year round. Every December we would load up our car and road trip all the way across the states, to spend the holidays at my Grandma’s house in Montana. The taste of homemade sugar cookies and soft whisper of silent night drifted through the air as we opened presents and bundled up around the fire. I will never forget these moments. These images are etched in my mind. Honestly, I don’t have a favorite holiday any longer. I still love Christmas and my birthday…but I try to live every day to the fullest. Every second air fills your lungs, every moment your heart pumps once more, is a miracle. Every day is a gift.

Secret to staying healthy: Making food that tastes good. Being healthy doesn’t mean eating lettuce for dinner and drinking lemon water all day. “Healthy” can, (and should), be delicious. Learn to experiment in the kitchen and create recipes that not only nurture your body, but love on your taste buds as well. Some of my favorite recipes are secretly super healthy!! Like cacao banana ice cream (raw cocoa + frozen bananas), oven roasted “fries” (potato wedges chopped up and baked in the oven, no oil needed!), and cauliflower rice stir fries with a homemade peanut sauce and loads of veggies.

On your playlist: I’ve recently fallen in love with Tash Sultana. Her voice is unreal. It is the effortless blend of sultry and gentle, soft and powerful. “Gemini” is on constant repeat in my car. I blast it with the windows down and sing it at the top of my lungs as I drive around hahaha.