Coco Sanchez

Inline Skating

Hometown: Beautiful Long Beach, CACoco Sanchez - Rollerblader


Favorite Garden of Life products:


Inspiration: To live a life I truly want to live. To radiate organic happiness. To love.


What Empowers You to BE EXTRAORDINARY: Really just striving each day to be a good, loving, and healthy human being.


Favorite health food:

  • There are so many! Currently I’m on a Broccili frenzy. I also love the Trader Joe’s nut mixes. Cranberries, almonds and cashews! Yummy, healthy snack!
  • Everyday I enjoy a Spinach, blueberry, and banana smoothie with Garden of Life’s flax and chia seed mix.


Why you choose clean and organic: Athlete or not, I want everyday to be a positive and progressive day filled with all of the happy energies. In order to feel constantly fueled and sustain all that energy, you’ve got to feed your body, your true home respectfully.


Favorite holiday: Honestly, I’m not that big on holidays. Love, happiness, and gratitude for life, family, and friends doesnt come a few days out of the year. I rejoice every day. Everyday is a holiday!! Holiyayyy!


Secret to staying healthy:

  • Listening to your body. No, but really listen. The rest is easy. If you want to feel lousy, keep feeding your body lousy food. If you want to feel empowered, feed your body powerful food!
  • Also, find something physical you enjoy doing! For me, it’s my Rollerblades! It’s such an exhilarating and effective way to exercise.


Most memorable career highlight:

  • Playing a stunt woman in a James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez film this past year. Alita: Battle Angel coming July 2018! So grateful for being a part of that film.
  • Also, landing my first 900. Man, that trick beat me up!


On your playlist:

  • Kaleid
  • The Doors
  • Tool
  • Trap and bass
  • G-eazy


Charities or Causes I support: Greenpeace


Top training tips:

  • Go at your own pace.
  • Don’t compare yourself to ANYONE ELSE!!
  • Repetition will allow you to progress
  • Have fun, don’t take it so seriously. There will always be another brilliant player. Love what you do… it will make you unique.
  • Oh yeah and sleep! Resting your body is crucial.