Garret Myers


Hometown: Yorba Linda, California. 


Favorite Garden of Life products: Sport Organic Plant-Based Energy + Focus (Blackberry), Sport Organic Plant-Based Recovery (Blackberry Lemonade) , Sport Whey Protein (Chocolate)


Inspiration: Books, Healthy Lifestyles, The power God has bestowed on me to chase my passion


What Empowers You to BE EXTRAORDINARY: The loving support from friends, family and God.


Favorite health food: Salads, Sushi and smoothies.


Why you choose clean and organic: Allows me to function to the best of my ability, not just physically but mentally as well.


Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving


Secret to staying healthy: Put out more than what you put in.


Most memorable career highlight: 2012 Yorba Linda High school’s athlete of the year.


On your playlist: The Beatles, The Black Angels, and Houndmouth.


Charities or Causes I support: Children International: helps poverty stricken children worldwide; Ocean Conservancy: helps keep the oceans clean.


Top training tips: Engrain the belief that physical training will bless your body beyond belief. You’ll find that not only will it lead to physical health but mental health. With just those two aspects you will accomplish and overcome any obstacle put in your way.