Hannah Fields

NAIA National Champion

ambassadors-hannah-fields-475x550Q & A:

Hometown:  Edmond, OK

Most Memorable Career Highlight(s):  12 time NAIA National Champion and 2015 US Championship Finalist in the 1500m

Favorite Health Food:  Honey Crisp Apples

Favorite Unhealthy Food:  Bacon

MySecret to Staying Healthy:  Be mindful of what you put in your body. Fuel yourself in a way that makes you feel good; most of the time that means making the healthy choice, but you can’t totally deprive yourself of the sweets and greasy stuff. It’s okay to indulge on occasions!

Top Training Tip:  Don’t be afraid to push beyond what you thought was possible! Ask yourself, “Why not me?”

Favorite Movie:  Forest Gump

What I Wanted to be when I “Grew Up”:  No idea, it changed every other day!

Favorite Super Hero:  Batman

If I Could Have One Super Power, it Would Be:  Invisibility- I would say Super Speed, but if you are invisible, there would be no need for speed!

My Role Model in Life:  My husband, my little brother Jed, my mom, and Jesus!

Upcoming Events or Competitions:  San Jose Turkey Trot and US Club Cross Country Championships