Jesse Brock

MMA Champion

Q & A:

Hometown:  Wasilla, Alaska

Most Significant Career Highlight:  AXS TV-televised win over Kevin Croom in the Maximum Fighting Championships in May 2014.

Favorite food:   When I’m cheating-Bacon.  When I’m not cheating-Turkey Bacon.

My Health Food Store:  Whole Foods

My Favorite Garden of Life supplements:  Vanilla Chai Raw Meal

My Secret to Staying Healthy:  Consistency. When you have a regimen and stick to it, the results will come.

My Favorite Training Tip:  Sometimes the best thing for your body is rest. I often forget this!

My Significant Others:  Sarah Marang

My Favorite Song:  This changes too often, but currently, it is “Tread Lightly” by Mastodon.

My Favorite Movie:  Forrest Gump

My Favorite Holiday:  Christmas

My Favorite Item of Clothing:  Field & Stream red checkered flannel shirt

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up:  To be a good father to my daughters.

My Favorite Super Hero:  Mr. Furious from the Mystery Men

Charities or Causes I Support:  Save Olympic Wrestling

If I Could Change One Thing About Myself It Would Be:  Some hair on my head!!!

My New Year’s Resolution/Goal for 2015 is:  To be in the UFC.

Upcoming events or competitions:  Headlining RFA Fight Night in Boise, ID on July 3, 2015, airing nationally on AXStv.