LC Davis

Fitness Competitor & TV Personality

Q & A:

Hometown:  Kansas City, KS

Most Memorable Career Highlight(s):  My last fight with Tokoro and the fight I’m about to win on Friday Sept 25 against Joe Warren

Favorite Health Food:  Guacamole & fresh salsa

Favorite Unhealthy Food:  Pizza LC Davis&Burgers

Garden of Life Supplement I Can’t Live Without:  Raw Protein

My Secret to Staying Healthy:  Drink a gallon of water every day & exercise

Top Training Tip:  Stretch before and after every workout

Favorite Movie:  John Q

What I Wanted to be when I “Grew Up”:  Professional Athlete

Favorite Super Hero:  Superman

If I Could Have One Super Power, it Would Be:  Fly

Charities or Causes I Support:  Breast Cancer Awareness

My Role Model in Life:  My father

Upcoming Events or Competitions:  Bellator 143 Bantam Weight Main Event on FridaySeptember 25, live on Spike TV