Mohamed Hrezi

Distance Runner

Off the track I am the most talkative person I know (possibly to fault?). I love meeting new people and constantly find myself entrenched in long conversations. If you ever see me around, say hello and I’ll be sure to stop and chat for a few minutes. I am just moving to East Lansing, MI to begin an MBA program. After graduating college, I thought I’d never want to pick up a book again, then I soon realized I really missed school. So I am excited for the challenge of balancing a full-time MBA program with the many miles and smiles of distance training. With very minimal time to get in all the nutrients I need, Garden of Life products come in extremely handy. I can always count on them to get me the nutrition I need with wholesome ingredients. In my free time I love nothing more than hanging out at a coffee shop with some friends or alone with a reading book and laptop.

On the track, I run the 5,000m, 10,000m, ½ marathon, and marathon. I qualified and will be competing in the marathon at the 2016 Summer Olympics. Post-Olympics I hope to get back to the track and make a run at qualifying for a track event in 2020!!!!

Hometown:  Naugatuck, CT

Most significant career highlight:  Qualifying for the 2016 Rio Olympics

Favorite food:  Pizza

My health food store:  Trader Joe’s

My favorite Garden of Life supplements:  mykind Organics Vegan D3 Chews, Raw Organic Meal, Mykind Organic Men’s Multivitamin, Mykind Organics Plant Iron, and all the fruit bars.

Secret to staying healthy:  Maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle. That means eating healthy, sleeping well, stretching adequately, hitting the gym, and enjoying your hard-earned downtime at the end of each season.

My favorite training tip:  Listen to your body, most injuries can be caught very early on and a couple days off with some simple physical therapy can usually get you healthy and running without pain again. Most runners are so used to pushing their bodies that we run through an injury for weeks before we acknowledge it, and usually at that point it’s too late to mend your season.

My favorite song:  Sadly, I don’t have one. Everyone that knows me knows I’m very out of sync with pop culture.

My favorite movie:  Gladiator

My favorite holiday:  Thanksgiving! Nothing beats family, food, and football.

My favorite item of clothing:  I am addicted to clothing, always looking for something new to buy, and love my entire closet from top to bottom. But there is a special place for my “fit jeans” which are a pair of jeans that are waist size 27 and only fit me if I am in great fitness, so when you see me in these jeans, you know I’m ready to run fast!

Mohamed Hrezi Olympic Marathon Runner

What I want to be when I grow up:  I always wanted to be an NBA player, but, at 5’11” and 140 lbs, that dream has long been dead. Now my dream is to eventually get into teaching and give back to society.

My favorite super hero:  Ironman, but only because of Robert Downey Jr.

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be:  Too many to name off, my lack of physical flexibility, my bad memory, and my love for disagreeing!

My goals:  Set a new personal best at Rio!

Upcoming events:  2016 Rio Olympics Marathon