Recipes: Smoothies

Lawn Smoothie

June 19, 2020 by Meha Sethi English-CABeveragesBreakfastSmoothiesSnacks

It’s summer which means… DANDELIONS! Dreaded by many lawn owners, this weed actually has some great benefits, balancing bitterness with nutrient density. Two versions of this smoothie await – one for those hard core green lovers and one that’s a bit softer on the palate!

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Supplements to Support Your Immune System When You Need it Most

Maintaining a healthy immune system is everyone’s top priority. However, it’s a stressful time to do so and stress can be tough on your body, especially your immune system. Here a few key elements that you can include in your diet and routine to help you manage your stress so you’re immune system can flourish! Included: a spring take on a protein packed smoothie!

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