The Food Safety Project

February 29, 2016 by Marilyn Gemino Garden of LifeWellnessEnglish
The Food Safety Project

Sixteen years ago, we shipped our first bottle of innovative whole food supplements to our first customer. Since that time, we’ve built every product around the power of real, clean, pure, farm-fresh ingredients.

That’s why when we talk about Garden of Life supplements, we start with basic ideas of FOOD SAFETY—the best, whole food organic ingredients; independent third-party certification; rigorous quality standards and testing; always improving, no compromises.

Garden of Life’s Food Safety Project is all about our holistic seed-to-supplement approach to ensuring the quality, safety and integrity of our products.

That’s why we created our Food Safety Project.

Our philosophy on quality is one of no compromises. We know our work to ensure the quality and safety of our products is never done. It’s what we focus on every day. It’s fundamental to who we are as a brand.

We’ve always had a close focus on food safety, but with the creation of our Food Safety Project, we’ve taken some new measures. Over time, we will continue to update you on our progress in this area. As the country’s leading nutrition brand, we will always strive to be industry leaders in the area of food safety.

You trust us with your health. We are humbled by that trust, and every day, we are all dedicated to proving we deserve that trust. Learn more about The Food Safety Project.

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