Living Nutrients

Combining the Best of Nature and Science

Garden of Life® Living Nutrients products are among the most comprehensive whole food vitamin and mineral supplements you can buy. Of the hundreds of multivitamins available, only Living Nutrient formulations combine a multitude of whole food concentrates with important vitamins and minerals in the form of Living Nutrients.

Living Nutrients are vitamins and minerals present in the substrate fermented by select probiotic organisms. Living Nutrients Complex vitamins and minerals, unlike isolated vitamins and minerals, are complexed and enriched with an array of by-products and metabolites of beneficial microorganisms.

Garden of Life offers two optimal focused formulas, Living Vitamin C™ Antioxidant Blend and Living Calcium™, to help you achieve overall health and well-being.

Living Vitamin C Antioxidant Blend

Living Vitamin C is a whole food vitamin C with a unique combination of four citrus whole fruits combined with a fermented citrus blend, plus four antioxidant berries to deliver 250mg vitamin C with natural bioflavonoids in two caplets daily.

Living Calcium Advanced

Living Calcium Advanced is a unique whole food supplement designed to support bone health. Delivering 1,000mg of plant calcium in six caplets per day, along with Vitamin D3 for calcium absorption, it also provides other important nutrients for bone health, most notably vitamin K2 from natto.

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