Quick Overview:

  • Digestive, immune & vaginal health
  • 11 probiotic strains – 50 billion CFU
  • 10mg THC free whole hemp extract

CBD Probiotics Women

Women are special and require a special formulation to address their specific needs. Dr. Formulated CBD Probiotics Women combines clinically studied probiotics (L. reuteri & HOWARU® L. rhamnosus HN001) with THC Free Whole Hemp Extract along with our Entourage Effect Blend with essences of cranberry, geranium & lavender.

Why take two products when you can take one? From a brand you can trust: Garden of Life and David Perlmutter, M.D. are proud to introduce Dr. Formulated CBD Probiotics—two premium products in one. Our breakthrough technology provides an inner capsule to deliver clinically studied probiotics and an outer capsule containing Whole Hemp Extract along with our Entourage Effect Essential Oil Blend.

CBD Probiotics Women Benefits:

  • Essences of cranberry, geranium & lavender
  • Labdoor Certified THC Free
  • Igen Tested Non-GMO
  • NSF Certified Gluten Free